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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Your CPF Investment Account : Uncle8888's foolish advice!!!

Just For Thinking ....

Are you foolish enough to think over Uncle8888's foolish advice on  investing strategy for your CPF Investment Account?

Keep your itchy hands off your CPF Investment Account!!!

For the past 37 years, Uncle8888 has used his CPF Investment Account a few times only and most of the time it was foolishly kept to earn just 2.5% return.

But, when he actually used it; he received N x 2.5% return for many years! It is like planting Money Tree!

Read? Keep your itchy hands off your CPF Investment Account!!!

Read? CPF OA rate @ 2.5% on regular CPF investment income peanuts return???

Read? CPF Investment Account and CPF OA Rate at 2.5%

Read? Invest with CPF investment fund or Cash in the stock market?

Read? Using CPF Investment Fund For Investing


  1. "In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is." - Yogi Berra

    "Been there, through then, here I am! Knowing there is difference in theory and practice!" - Createwealth8888

  2. Once you used your CPF FUND to invest in CPFIS, the custodian is the bank where you have opened a CPFIS account.
    So legally your money is not under the jurisdiction of CPF anymore.
    i think, it's under the "common laws" of Singapore.
    In other words, your money in CPFIS is claimable by your creditors if you declare bankruptcy.

    The CPF BOARD (aka GOV) has released your money into a private Institution, the BANK.
    So the safety of your money is no more in our G's hand.
    Please correct me if i am wrong.

    If you are over 65, but your money is left untouched with CPF BOARD, can creditors lay a claim to your money. (aka touch wood if you want to declare bankruptcy due to one reason or another)?

  3. Good retail investors. No bankrupt one!

  4. And your point is?

    SG Wealth Builder

  5. My point is your money in CPF is like money in a irrevocable trust. Only i am not so sure after 55, or 65, or at what time or age your money in CPF is no more considered untouchable by creditors. Anyone like to clarify?

    1. Once withdrawn, your CPFIS investments and cash balance in your Investment Account will no longer be protected from any claims by your creditors and/or the Official Assignee.

    2. Yes,
      What about if you have left all your CPF's money untouched after 55 ?
      Will it be protected from creditors/OA till certain age or under certain conditions?
      Or as long as you leave the money in CPF Board, it is protected under all circumstances--no matter what is your age?

    3. Will be safe till tio conned and nominated it to Mei Mei. Hee Hee!

  6. HA! HA!
    Some say MEI MEI at BATAM too!


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