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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Book: Mental Healthcare Of The Elderly

Mental Healthcare Of The Elderly

In recent years, Asian countries have begun to rethink, reorganise and introduce innovations to improve their mental health services. Mental Healthcare of the Elderly contains some of these new ideas and is a primer for health professionals who are involved in the care of elderly people with mental health problems like depression and dementia.

Read? For how long can we control our mind? Don't need to talk about investment! (5)


Lucky, we are Asian!

Uncle8888 has been reading more books on aging and researching into the next phase beyond financial planning for retirement income for life.

The Mind.

The same Mind in the three M's of investing - Method, Money Management, and Mind.

Dementia is scary as the mind is failing at the rate that we are not even aware. It can only be pick up by our family members.

Body is still working but mind is failing. When Body is failing and Mind is still working, we can use our money to buy help. 

When Body is still working but mind is failing; we may not even know how to get help. Lots of money in the bank also useless.

Nowadays, Uncle8888 has realised that his three children are actually "hedges" for his spouse and himself.

Hedge can end up with good value or worthless. That is the nature of hedging; but at least, he and his spouses has more hedges than the norm.

The risk of failing hedge will be lower.


  1. After 65, should we be still so health conscious on food or should we go out to eat what our heart desire?

    Better for our body to fail much earlier than our mind?

  2. I am always in awe and fascinated by our brains.
    Some people got dementia but some people able to live to the ripe old age with most of their mentality intact.
    Some terminal disease patients like cancer also have their mental power till the last breath.

    My mother lived to 90+ but only during her last 1 or 2 years she couldn't recognised some of her children but generally her mental state was passable.

    Asian thinking has alway been "SAN THAI TONG TANG" is the best. i tend to agree. But alas our modern world of living such a hectic and fast pace lives, how to "SAN THAI TONG TANG"?


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