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Sunday, 27 April 2014

How to control your emotions in investing??? (4)

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This is all happening in your mind!

What are you hoping for and good enough to be happy with?

Are you greedy enough to think big?

Do you have that kind of patience to be that greedy?

Learn it all from Uncle8888's fishing trips!

Auntie8888's mind in fishing

At every fishing trip, Auntie8888 is only interested in catching more fish to cook for dinner. She don't have the ambitious of catching big fish so she will only use small hooks and small baits (one piece of prawn cut into many small pieces).

May be that is the mindset of a housewife; it is better to have fish to eat for more meals than dreaming of eating big fish for one or two meals only.

No matter how lucky she can be; she can never hope to catch big fish. Her method will never allow it to happen naturally as big fish won't take small bait. Small hook can't hold up the big fish.

However, at every fishing trip, she will be able to bring more fish back home to cook for several meals since she can continuously fish at both high tide and low tide.

Uncle8888's mind in fishing

He is always dreaming of catching it big!

Why dreaming?

We can't really catch big fish near shore.

To catch big fish ....

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Sport fishing can be costly.

At the lower range, getting started could cost you about $$100, and heading overseas can cost as much as $$20,000 a trip.

Mr Tan said: “Sport fishing can be done very cheap. We have sets at S$100, S$300. But if you're going for stuff like… tuna, marlin, your S$10,000 comes in here. (For) big game fish, you need to hire a sea boat to get out there to catch fish. Also, sometimes, (there are) areas where you require helicopters -- that's when S$10,000, S$20,000 comes in.”

So for fishing at the shore, we have to be lucky to catch those unlucky big fishes that come too near to the shore during high tide to find food.

The window of opportunity to catch big fish at shore during high tide is between 1 and 1.5 hours and he will have to wait patiently for many hours for the next tide. Most of the so-called windows of opportunity is nothing more than just hope.

Sometime, he may get lucky with one or two unlucky fish; but most of the times, the fish is lucky but he is unlucky.

Uncle8888's last fish trip biggest catch:

No big fish at the end of his fishing trip, sianz!

Uncle8888's Investing Mind.

He likes to dream big to catch more multi-baggers and plant more Money Trees; but he knows it very well. It will be like his fishing trips. It is just hope and plenty of PATIENCE to wait for the next window of opportunity to try again. Most of the so-called Window of Opportunities is nothing more than just hope and dreams for the next season. Never give up!

Your emotions is how you control them. Right?

Take up fishing as hobby?


1 comment:

  1. How to get lucky to catch big fish?

    Believe you can and keep trying until you catch one when you turn lucky.

    Same as catching multi-bagger. No?


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