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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

How to control your emotions in investing???


Words of Wisdom by Barton Biggs

The investment process is only half the battle. The other weighty component is struggling with yourself, and immunizing yourself from the psychological effects of the swings of markets, career risk, the pressure of benchmarks, competition, and the loneliness of the long distance runner.”

“I’ve come to believe a personal investment diary is a step in the right direction in coping with these pressures, in getting to know yourself and improving your investment behavior.”

Study the history of your emotions and your actions.

“As I reflect on this crisis period so stuffed with opportunity but also so full of pain and terror, I am struck with how hard it is to be an investor and a fiduciary.

Work very hard to better understand how you as an investor react to both prosperity and adversity, and particularly to the market’s manic swings, both euphoric and traumatic. Keep an investment diary and re-read it from time to time but particularly at moments when there is tremendous exuberance and also panic. We are in a very emotional business, and any wisdom we can extract from our own experience is very valuable.”


This is I, Me, and Myself in investing. The Three Stooges!


  1. Do you have investment diary or record in your MS Word or Excel?

  2. No!
    i only have MS Money all these 26+ years. And it is discontinued but not defunct. You can still download a free copy from the internet, i think.
    It is really fortunate for me. This software is free now but not defunct. If it is defunct, then there is something wrong with this software.
    So far (26+years already) i have not encountered anything wrong with this software.
    i happy to use it . It is really a blessing for me to have this software.


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