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Tuesday 13 December 2011


- The project completes Sembcorp’s environmentally friendly “closed loop” water management model in the Zhangjiagang Free Trade Port Zone

- Award-winning project is a G-to-G showcase for best practice in integrated industrial water management

ZHANGJIAGANG, CHINA, December 13, 2011 – Sembcorp today opens its first industrial water reclamation plant in China capable of producing 20,000 cubic metres per day of industrial water and up to 4,000 cubic metres per day of demineralised water for supply to customers in the Zhangjiagang Free Trade Port Zone. The RMB106 million (S$21.5 million) facility has the unique capability of producing industrial water using treated effluent from Sembcorp’s centralised industrial wastewater treatment plant in the zone, thereby promoting water reuse and environmental conservation.

With this facility, Sembcorp’s total investment in the Zhangjiagang Free Trade Port Zone amounts to approximately RMB320 million (S$64.9 million). Sembcorp now manages the entire water cycle of the free trade port zone, providing total water and wastewater management solutions to its customers. Sembcorp’s total water solutions not only help its customers comply with discharge regulations and limit environmental impact, but also promote the reuse of water, closing the “water loop”. This total water management model reduces liquid discharge and conserves precious water resources, and represents a significant advancement for the water management industry in China.

At the same time, Sembcorp’s industrial wastewater treatment facilities are capable of treating highly concentrated wastewater with chemical oxygen demand of up to 14,000 milligrammes per litre directly from source, without requiring its customers to invest in pre-treatment facilities.

For this innovative model, Sembcorp’s Zhangjiagang facilities have been selected by the governments of Singapore and China as G-to-G showcases for bilateral cooperation in water management, and won prestigious Honour Awards at both the East Asian and Global International Water Association Project Innovation Awards in 2010.

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