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Wednesday 7 December 2011

Minimize risk by picking the rider who is more likely be cautious

Just For Laugh ....

During my younger days, taking motor-bike as pillion rider was common thing to do when we went outing with friends. Quite often, those who rode motor-bike would take one of their friends as pillion rider home. I was super kiasi. I would only pick rider who was married with kids. They were likely to be cautious on the road as they can't play play with their life.

Even now I still have same mindset when I come to stock market as pillion rider. I still pick the same type of riders.


  1. Come to think of it, I wonder why I bothered to get my class 2B licence in the first place during NS. Oh yeah! The fantasy of having girls wrap their arms around... LOL!

    I've not riden a bike since NS. Not sure whether I would get a scooter now... Hmm, I think MRT and bus safer!

  2. One of my regret is not getting my 2B licence during my NS day. At that time, I already had my class 3 licence and my parent opposed the idea as they felt that riding a bike was too dangerous. I secretly took the theory lesson and hoped to get my 2B secretly. However, everything ended when the PDL was send to my house and my mother saw it.

    Maybe I should add getting my 2B licence to my bucket list.

  3. Hi YJ72,
    Hi i have a 2A/B licence for 35-40 years. i had ridden motor bikes from 90cc to 250cc. My experience is really fun to ride but quite dangerous. i had many near accidents(some life threatening). i remembered one accident till this day. It was at the junction of Kitchener Road and Jalan Besar. It was such a frightening moment that i lost my soul(totally lost of consciousness of presence). When i regained my consciousness of presence, i smelled petrol leaking from my motor bike's fuel tank. i was sitting in the middle of the junction. Yet i was not really injured except mentally. The counter party was a Taxi or a private car(i am not sure now). i thank GOD for sparing me from serious injuries due to accidents of every kind.

    If you ask me whether i will let my son(23 years old) ride a motor bike, i will let him know my experiences of near accidents and real accidents. Another words, how dangerous it is riding a motor bike, especially now with the tremendous amount of vehicles on the road.
    But i will not stop him if he really wants to try to experience riding a motor bike. i only pray God will spare him from serious injuries from accidents. just like God has spared me.

  4. Hi Temperament

    When I was 19 (many, many years ago), my father stopped me from riding by buying me a car. I have seen bikers skidded and fell right in front of my car and I am 100% convinced that riding in Singapore is very dangerous. However, I am still going to get my 2B licence. It is in my bucket list!

  5. Did anyone watch the movie "Bucket List?

    When we are ready to execute the items in the Bucket List, fear of death and dangers is already behind in our mind. LOL


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