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Monday 26 December 2011

Passive Income - Rental vs Dividend Yield (2)

Read? Passive Income - Rental vs Dividend Yield

What you will not find in property rental as passive income.

To receive unexpected special dividends down the road and especially when the special dividends are fairly large. Shiok!!! The key here is unexpected. Really shiok!!!

For examples, see below


  1. Hi CW,
    Unexpected special dividend from your stock is shiok, definitely. The closest comparison to stock is unexpected rental income increment can happen if our PAPAYA suddenly open the flood gate letting a torrent of immigrants to come into Singapore. This actually happened and is happening. The "flood gate'"has not actually closed, yet.
    And my close relative sold her landed semi-d for $3.5 million, bought a semi-d with lesser land area for $2 million but now can easily sell for $2.5 million.
    So you see the difference between Stock & Property. i admit my relative hold her property for more than 35 years before they cashed in. But they bought it for only i think $+-300k. And Singapore population was only 2.5 million or much lesser.
    Well, that's life.

  2. uncle what you require is up at my site.i have not done any sembcorp industries. but i did up crapland vs kepland. holding those instead of speculating won't get you anywhere.

    as for DBS, man it wasnt much of an investment holding it.

  3. Hi Drizzt,

    I realized that TSR for DBS for long-term holding is not that good. It is 10.1% CAGR over 8.7 yrs :-(

  4. Actually, capital gain in stocks can be even more scary.

    $10K in Noble IPO is a millionaire today and $10m in Wilmar made Peter Lim a Billionaire

    The biggest problem with stocks that few investors can hold that long to become rich enough.

    Only people who are already rich can hold stocks for long long.

  5. care to share what was your record for holding a particular stock longest?

  6. Read? Investing vs Trading (4)

    Kep Corp is still my longest holding stock for 10.3 yrs since 18 Sep 2001 after Sep 11 WTC Attack stock market crash and Kep Corp never look back to its buy price even in 2008/09.

  7. Hi Guru,
    i am not rich from the beginning till now. But i hold 72 HP shares since 1982 till now. Now it has become 645 shares due to bonus issues and "DRIP". The worst thing is US $ has been depreciating from $3 to now $1.3. So you see i am still as poor as far as holding HP shares is concerned.
    And if only i hold KeppleCorp shares when i first started in 1988 till now, i will be rich. But i am actually a Bear/Bull market trader. We are actually(most of us are anyway)one type of traders or another. i believe there is no two ways about this. Ha! Ha!

  8. Forex risk is so real. I am more conservative type and choose to avoid direct forex risk and let the compnay and institution take care of it themselves.

  9. Hi CW8888,
    hmm...probably I should be looking at other stocks apart from reits, cause their dividends are pretty much predictable..(for now)..I used to own keppel corp before back in 2007, but it is too expensive for me to accumulate...

    Hi Temperament,

    1982? wow, may I ask how old are you now?


  10. Hi Guru,

    I can understand that some stocks may be too expensive to trade as it require many more bids to breakeven.

    But for dividend yield, it is no difference e.g. 8% dividend yield on 1 lot of $10 stock or 10 lots of $1 stock. Right?

  11. Hi Guru,
    i am six decade & 3+; a dinosaur if you like.

  12. Hi CW8888,

    Yes, you are right.

    Hi Temperament,

    Ha,nah no dinosaur, more like vintage wine.
    Think SMOL will feel better after reading this. :p


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