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Friday 16 December 2011

Late for stock investing as the path to financial independence

Createwealth8888 was late for party in the stock market

I believe that many of you have started your serious investing in stock market much earlier than me. That is definitely a good head start; but late starters may not really lose out. Don't worry even you are in your 30s or 40s. You may still make it before turning 60.

Actually, I was rather late for serious business in the stock market. It was only after reading the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" that I realised that I needed to free myself from the "bondage" of employment and get out of rat race as soon as possible. I have very strong belief that stock market might be the only way to help me to reach that goal - financial independence earlier. But, then I was already 43+. Could I still make it? I will post an update on my investment marathon race (2003 - 2011) on 30 Dec 2011 which is the last trading day for 2011 and the race will be ended. It is long investing journey indeed. Lots of joys and pains too.

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  1. Hi CW,
    i started at the age of 40 i thought i were already very late. What? You started at the age of 43? Unbelievable but fantastic.
    Quote from you:-
    "on 30 Dec 2011 which is the last trading day for 2011 and the race will be ended."

    What do you mean? Can we just stop investing?
    What are we going to do with our "excess funds? Or do you mean you are going to start a different investment race?

  2. LOL. Read Next investment marathon race (2012-2021) May be the next race could be the last race. Only God knows. Amen!

  3. Hi CW
    I am 41 and just started to get serious in trading too. Still makes lots of mistakes picking the wrong stocks, entering in wrong timing and exiting too early.

    I hope to learn from you.. look forward to reading your year end post.

  4. It's ok. I only started seriously 3 years ago in late 40's (ie. way after 45) but lucky to have the advice of all the gurus on the net and also Ms Tan Hooi Ling of Business Times (thru her books and articles) to make me see the opportunity of the big drop in share prices. It was a good start.
    With the likely shorter boom-bust cycles nowadays, late starters will probably still have a good chance to catch a few cycles before they retire. Also, with things like Inverse or Short ETFs, they can profit from both the down (as well as the ups). So, it is never too late but don't take unnecessary risks and don't go by emotion.

  5. Sorry typo - Ms Teh Hooi Ling of Business Times (not Tan)

  6. Hi,

    Any more late starters in stocks to share your comments with us?

  7. Hi there,

    Just join in the club today.

    I am 52 and I only started investing in stock 3 years ago. I had misconception that stock market is a casino and hence focus my investment in real estate.

    Regretted to miss out some many opportunities in last bear cycle (2000 dot com; 2003 SAR; 2007 Sub Prime crisis).


  8. I think there is a correlation to why many people start looking into this only after age 40. It takes that long to clear the basic costs from housing, car, kids. And balance that against a rising income level that reaches a tipping point at that age when some real spare cash becomes truly available.

  9. Hi Lizardo,

    You got it right!

    People may have been promoted several rounds by the time they reach 40+. They should be earning higher income so they will have more spare money to invest.


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