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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Can you ever swing your club like Tiger Wood?

Just For Laugh ...

Seldom we will hear "retail" golf players quoting Tiger Wood or saying let us all swing like Tiger Wood. It is almost an impossible dream.

But, when it comes to investing, we hear until sianz. So many retail investors like to quote Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Li Ka Shing, etc. It doesn't seem to be an impossible dream. How come?

1 comment:

  1. Eh... It's something that's instilled by our schooling?

    I remember one teacher teaching us how to "score" points when writting essays - quote like no body business!?

    According to XXX in his book YYY, it was said...

    But investing and trading is not about "scoring" points in forums or blogs.

    Qian bei you use XIRR; I count the actual dollars earned (I round up the cents and don't sweat the small stuffs)

    Different but same same! LOL!


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