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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Do you still believe in financial experts or Gurus forecast and calls?

Read? 4 financial experts' forecast for this year

There are no experts who can forecast. They are just paid to tell a fairy tale story in the stock market.

Only Carmen Lee has a small consolation prize for her forecast for biosensors at $1.35

Closed at $1.43 on 30 Dec 2011

I have been holding biosensors since 21 Jan 2008, CAGR on unrealised gain is 22.2% over 3.9 years.
Biosensors is the newest multi-bagger in my current portfolio at last market closing.
I have sold some positions to lock in realised profit to make a new pillow but it is currently only 43% full of feathers. I will sell some to make it into the newest pillow stock aka zero-cost investment holding and hopefully to grow a new money tree when biosensors starts giving out stock dividends.


  1. Dear Sir,

    You are absolutely right when you wrote there are no experts who can forecast. Unfortunately I learnt this through the hard way. We need more people like you.


  2. It is our mistake if we rely on a guru to forecast a price.

    It is far easier to just do it yourself, that way, all the blame or fame is yours alone.


  3. I have Biosensors 3 lots average 52 cents. Do you think its convertible is going to be an issue? I think the company has got a good story but the borrowing costs will be a diluting factor. I do not think it will give dividends with 3 years.

  4. Young company can only fund their growth plan either with equities or debts.


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