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Monday 19 December 2011

My dream of pursuing financial independence by 55 in 2011!

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It was many years back .....

One day, after reading the book on "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert, I began to like the idea of investment, financial freedom and getting out of rat race so much that I have a mind flip. I began to dream of financial independence by 55.

(Another book that helped me is "Think and Grow Rich" ) Read? Two Books That Change My Views

But, how to achieve it?

Business or Investment?

For me, the choice is quite obvious. Without much talent for Business; I would have to take the Investment path to financial independence. Next, to decide on properties or stocks? I chose stocks and that is the way to go.

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Why 55? 

When I began that dream, Singapore's official retirement age was 60; but now, it is 65. Too bad folks! We will have to work longer. 60 is the new 55.

Actually, I have already achieved financial security when I had this dream so financial independence is just the next step so I have this simple thinking. If I put in enough time and effort to educate myself to become savvy with long-term investing and short-term trading; I will be able to create wealth from the stock market. (This is how I named the title of this blog. This is why I am still blogging since 2006).

I started reading many finance and investment books that I could find in NLB libraries. I also started to follow closely many investment and trading blogs, forums, cboxes closely and to identify who were the experts and gurus and hoping to learn more tips and tricks from them. (But, unfortunately, some of my superheroes were killed in 2008/2009. Read? Following My Superheroes!)

I also attended many investment and trading previews to hear from Gurus themselves; but all of them have failed to convince me to part my hard earned money to attend their so-called easy money making programmes. May be I was too stingy!

It was only after a few years in the stock market, I realised that I must get real and set concrete goals to achieve that dream. I then set progressive yearly investment goals to be achieved from 2003 to 2011 and this is how the investment marathon race for 2003 to 2011 has began.

2011 is the most important year!

The race has ended.

I missed the end goal and achieved only 58.6% and the reason for failing is too obvious!

When one race finished, the next race (2012 - 2021) begins

The next 10 years of progressive goals for 2012 to 2021

Sometime in life, we will reap what we have sowed so I will be reaping what I have sowed in the past. It will continue to contribute to the future without much effort required. Read? One click! That is more than enough to generate passive income for a long time.

I will be looking to sow more One Click in the next bear.

Volatility is name of the Game

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