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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Technical Indicators? (4) - Does it really matter in SG stock market?

Borrow the idea from La Papillion

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Gohsip once commented:  Uncle8888,  you said "if you look at my charts posted with those technical indicators, they are just there to confuse people. LOL." You damn funny la!

If you happened to take a close look at my recent charts posted. I have decided not to be funny and stop confusing people.

Technical Indicators developed for which market?

Most of these common and popular technical indicators are developed by "ang mo" and they are tested and back-tested in the US markets to prove that these indicators are doable and may be reliable under certain market conditions.

But, you have to take note that these indicators are not developed for SG market and have not been proved by the developers that these indicators are still applicable here.

Well, sometime, I am really amused by some people who are trying to apply and test their TA knowledge on low volume stocks and blogging about it convincing. I think this is really a joke!

Especially for newbies to technical analysis, they may tend to trust and believe in some oldies showing off their TA knowledge in the cyber world.

Beware, if you choose to believe that these common and popular technical indicators which are NOT developed for SG stock market are still applicable and can be reliable here; then probably you need lots of money to exercise your brain.

Alternatively, you may be better off in learning to become pilot fishes and American cockroaches. Most likely you may be able to survive over market cycles.

1 comment:

  1. Hi CW,
    You are wrong lah, i am not a American cockroach; i am a Singapore cockroach. Singapore cockroach can survive also lah.
    And when the whole forest/world is burning with fire, cockroaches can survive after the fire. But not the big animals hoh. Ha! Ha!


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