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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Is it too easy to be a forex trainer?

Borrow the idea from La Papillion

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Read? Trading Courses – Does it work?

Yours Letters, thesundaytimes June 19,2011

Jaya Prakash wrote a letter on that subject.

I may like to change the subject a bit - Is it too easy to be forex or investment trainer?

Every Gurus claimed that they have made millions in investing or trading; but I haven't seen any of these Gurus putting up an audited claims to such results.

What is MAS doing? They should step in to regulate and accredit these trainers.

BTW, If the Gurus are so good and know how to teach people how to make easy money from the market. Why don't they conduct Kindness Draw every month to pick a few lucky fellows and then give them investing tips and help them to make some money. Every lucky fellow is entitled to only one chance.

What you think?

1 comment:

  1. I am not related to any trainers, and this is my own experience. My first course on trading costs $3k+, and is held over a weekend in a local hotel in singapore.

    Is it worth it? Yes! It got me started on systematic trading, and not ad-hoc trading based on gut-feel or mood.

    Is it overpriced? Yes. With the background knowledge, I purchased and read many books which repeats what is being covered in the course.

    I would say if you got some experienced trader friend who is willing to guide you for a start, you might not need to attend the course. If not, like me, the first "investment" is necessary.


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