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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Following My Superheroes!

Just For Thinking ....

Wow! My Superheroes
When I was young, I read a lots of comics on Superheroes. I really love them and sometime I would dream of becoming the next superhero.

Then I was an adult, I have my Online Superheroes

In 200x, practically, I was visiting every investment blogs, cboxes, and forums that I came to know. I was hoping to find my online Superheroes in investing/trading in some of them. I was hoping to learn the magical power from them and also dreaming to become the next Superhero like them.

Some investment bloggers are more transparent, confidence and kind to blog out enough details on their portfolio or trading transactions for us to know how they are doing e.g. by providing stock name, buying and selling price, ROC, Portfolio Value and Returns, and etc so that there is no need for us to guess how they are doing. These were my favourite investment bloggers since I could easily rate them based on their posted results - Good, Average or Bad. The rest of other bloggers I would visit them for leisures like reading online news or newspapers when I was bored. I would take a quick glance but no serious reading since most of them would blog in a way for us to guess that they were doing "well".

Some of my favourite bloggers were doing so well and they became my online superheroes in investing/trading. I visited their blog days and nights. Sometime, I might join in comments or chats to clarify; but most of the times, I was lurking behind reading, taking mental notes and trying to learn from them.

Where are My Few Online Superheroes?

Sadly, after 2009, the Great Evil Bear from Planet Alien came in 2008/09 and killed them ALL They stopped blogging. One of them sadly posted the last article - " I have quited from full time trading and will be looking for a job."

Till now, I am still looking for my new online SuperHeroes. May be they will appear at the next Great Bull.


  1. Think final conclusion is that superheroes do not exist in this realm.

  2. Hand tapping the table. Well said!

    For me, the most unexpected of all was what happened to Wallstraits... It's a very humbling experience and wake-up call to me.

    I must apologise that I don't share my portfolio as I am very aware that I am still work-in-progress. Don't want to be the "blind" showing the way...


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