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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

How do you navigate in the stock market?

Following someone?

1. Following someone

You navigate in the stock market by listening to stock analysts and brokers; or you follow your favourite investment bloggers; or you follow the loudest and the most convincing chatters in cboxes or forums; or you follow the flavour of the day in cboxes or forums.

GPS Navigator

2. GPS Navigator

You swear that you have found the best GPS Navigator in technical analysis; but there are two ways to use it. 

You trust 100% the accuracy of its signal. When the GPS Navigator says Right you keep right and turns. When it says Left, you keep left and turns.

But, you found out the "RIGHT' way to use it. When the GPS Navigator says Right you keep right and turns. When it says Left, then you argue with it. It is not the 'RIGHT' way to turn. There is no Left turn hor! 

Map and a Travel Plan

3. Map and a Travel Plan

You have a Map on hand and have a Travel Plan of where you want to go. You study the map carefully and plan your route. But, there are many times you simply lost your way. You got stuck. You waste time by studying the map again and again trying to pick the next 'Right' route to continue your journey.

So how do you navigate in the stock market?

Createwealth8888 navigates in the stock market with a Map and a 10 years Travel Plan; but he will revise his Travel Plan again on 1 Jan 2012.


  1. Hi CW,
    Some will navigate like the ant and some will be like the bee. As long as both find it's target finally, both will end happily.(Joking only) Don't think the ant will enjoy the journey to it's target. But most of us behave like the ant one time or another. Ha! Ha!
    Me included.

  2. Hi,
    I'm Patrick. As you probably know, I use inter market analysis, that is technical, fundamental and my opinion of herds mentality. I will also be very cautious to read what i want to read.
    Sometimes, what seems logical is illogical, vice versa, what seems logical isn't illogical.

  3. Hi,
    Yes, there is a famous quotation(i forgot by whom)it goes something like this:-
    " In GOD we trust, everyone else brings data"


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