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Monday, 13 June 2011

Keppel to build new generation accommodation semi worth US$260 million for Floatel

Singapore, 13 June 2011 - Keppel FELS Limited (Keppel FELS) has been awarded a
contract worth about US$260 million by returning customer, Floatel International Ltd
(Floatel), to build a new generation accommodation semisubmersible (semi) for delivery
in 1Q 2014.

This new rig developed by Keppel O&M’s Deepwater Technology Group, will be built to
the SSAU4000NG design with Dynamic Positioning (DP) 3 capability. It marks Keppel
FELS’ third accommodation semi project with Floatel, after the delivery of Floatel
Reliance (SSAUTM 3600 with DP2) and Floatel Superior (DSSTM 20NS with DP3) last year.

The SSAU4000NG is an enhancement of the proven SSAUTM 3600 design, with
improved capability and operability. It meets the stringent UK HSE requirements to work
in the UK sector of the North Sea as well as the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil and Western

Equipped with state of the art accommodation and recreational facilities, the
SSAU4000NG provides increased comfort for the 500 persons it can accommodate in
one-man and two-man cabins.

Mr Peter Jacobssen, Chief Executive Officer of Floatel International Ltd said, “What
Keppel FELS has built for us previously have been well received by the market. Both
units are working successfully in their respective fields. We have ordered this third unit as we continue to see strong demand for such highly capable accommodation vessels, and
we believe we are well positioned to strengthen our niche offering in this area.

“As we grow our fleet of next generation accommodation semis to meet the needs of the
market, Keppel FELS is the ideal partner for us in terms of reliability and quality. Their
suite of proprietary designs has proven to be cost effective solutions for offshore
accommodation and we believe the SSAU4000NG will be just as successful as her

Featuring the latest technology such as DP3 and enhanced Station-Keeping, the
SSAU4000NG is capable of operating alongside fixed platforms, floating platforms and
Floating Production Storage and Offloading Vessels, with a full complement of deck
cranes and fire fighting capabilities.

Mr Wong Kok Seng, Managing Director of Keppel FELS said, “We are pleased that
Floatel has entrusted us to build their third accommodation semi to our proprietary design.

As more E&P activities move into deeper waters and harsher environments, the
SSAU4000NG with its new and improved features is customised to meet these

“We have built up a good track record with Floatel, having delivered Floatel Reliance and
Floatel Superior to their satisfaction. This contract reinforces our win-win partnership and we look forward to provide yet another quality vessel to Floatel safely, on time and within budget.”

Floating accommodation platforms are needed to provide additional living quarters for drilling and production personnel. Such support is required during hook-up and commissioning in the development phase, for maintenance and upgrading during the production phase, as well as for decommissioning.

Well-timed with market demand, the two Floatel rigs delivered in 2010 have been
chartered for work - Floatel Reliance to Petrobras for five years in Brazil’s Campos Basin
and Floatel Superior to Statoil in Norway’s Oseberg field.

Keppel FELS’ track record for designing and building accommodation semis also includes
the delivery of Prosafe’s Safe Concordia in 2005. Safe Concordia, which can accommodate 400 persons, has been chartered to Petrobras for work in Brazil.

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