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Friday, 28 September 2018

Two Years After Retiring From Full Time Monthly Salary As Employee (2)

Read? Two Years After Retiring From Full Time Monthly Salary As Employee

Two years has passed. Uncle8888 didn't retire from his full-time job as employee to become Spider-man doing Great!

In the morning; he gets out of his bed based on level of laziness and the level of sunlight shining through the window which has no curtain! Less washing for Auntie8888. :-)

In the day, he spent most of his time as Butterfly viewing different landscapes, green, flora and mini garden across the land of Singapore. 

In the evening; he changed to Moth who is attracted by lights and most of the time returning home even later than 2 years ago.

In MRT stations; he watched out for elders who seen to be lost and asked them if they need help.

In bus and trains; he watched out for strange behavior by commuters during off-peak period travel. Funny sights!

He at first thought as retiree he will be alone; but the fact is retirees will often gather at various retiree spots and soon we are talking to each other and drinking "free" coffee, tea and reading newspapers.

Whatapps chat group is good. He has joined one chat group which has 14 ex-retirees from his ex-company.


  1. Hi bro cw

    Happy to hear that u have fully retire from work & enjoy life :)
    Have u thought of bring Mrs cw to paktor like visit to u both favourite old time places? See the different now compare last time? Then go for favourite food?
    Btw, have u ever spot the otterfamily when u walking around spore? Just kaypoh asking... cos so far I haven't personally meet any otter yet...

  2. Serangoon river can some time spot otters. It is more random walk theory. Walk more along river. More chance

    1. Mrs want to visit overseas spots more than local

    2. My house behind also got river but think very far away from central bah, so never spot any of them...

      Wow! Mrs cw very smart lei... no wonder she marry u... hehehe

  3. i know at least 2 old couples who money no problems just travel & travel lol.

    Even one of the them can only walk very slowly, join tour groups to Europe or any country.

    i just wonder how he coups with the the younger people in his tour group.

    Now my idea of tour( aka due old age) is best DIY and stay in a place for few days to weeks if U like it very much.

    Actually a country like Taiwan has "Bullet Train", so travel from North to South and back to North should not be a problem within one day?

    Getting lost maybe even "fun" if U knows how to find your way back.

    So far dream only, though we had traveled at least once per year in our younger days.

    Actually, traveling to me now is just to break the routine of life more than anything else.

    1. Taiwan is good for DIY. No worry of lost. Just ask for help.


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