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Saturday, 15 September 2018

The Odd Investment Blogger In Singapore???

Hi Createwealth 

Can I refer to you as uncle CW like other readers?

I occassionally read your posts but came across a few earlier ones on reits.

I get the impression that you don't seem to like reits very much, or maybe its that you prefer stocks (that pay dividends) much more than reits.


We are biased to our own personal investing experience on risks, rewards, and investment outcome and performance over past market cycles. It will help to shape our future investing strategies to optimize our investment performance according to our account size and our personality in the market i.e 3 Ms - Method, Mind and Money Management.

Of course, Uncle8888 has S-REITs before; but S-REITs business model didn't seen to be a good fit in his portfolio management even though he is already in retirement phase depending on portfolio income stream.

Cash flow from our portfolio can come from combination of dividends, interests, and divestment. It will be excellent if we can defer any capital reduction to the longest.

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