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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Debate (Quarrel) Over BTIR

The best knowledge is always from our own personal experience after we went through it personally and digest them!

1) ILP

2) Endowment

3) Term

4) DIY Investing

Uncle8888 went through all the above!

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Honestly; we are sold based on our needs and our level of investing experience and knowledge at THAT TIME by agents whom we know them quite well and likely to trust them too.

No need to bang your head if you have bought! That time was the right decision! But; now on hindsight that was wrong decision!


  1. Uncle 88888

    it's easier to blame others than ownself.

    BTIR and the rest points you stated may not be for everyone and anyone.

    who knows ourself other than ownself?

  2. i remember i used my my wife and my CPFIS OA accounts to buy UOB' s endowment of 5 and ten year terms.

    At that time it was definitely better than leaving it with CPF.

    Where got QE & near zero FD rates then?

  3. Even earlier maybe, NTUC endowment product for 5 years return 5 to 6 % p/a IIRC.

    Who wanted to put too much money in the stock market then?


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