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Thursday, 8 February 2018


Many retail investors are attracted by 5% yield. Break the next strong support at $3.38 convincingly. Higher yield!


  1. Hi bro cw

    Yesterday I put q at 3.36 in the morning seeing it drop till 3.37... but no chance then it slowly going up to 3.40
    My broker told me now still very volatile for singtel... it may or may not drop further... ask me consider to wait for it settle 1st then buy...
    I also see recent US market sentiment not so good... So I withdraw my q... now stat sideline see how it goes...


  2. Dear Sir,
    Are you saying the support level of 3.38 is breached and hence it might fall further?

    Is the 5% yield sustainable given the cloudy environment for telecom companies across the globe?

    1. Do take note Singtel's dividend payout ratio is 60% so it still has some buffer to sustain the yield if Mgmt decided to do it.

  3. It's really "Kan Cheong Time"

    It's really very hard to wait for anything when U are Kan Cheong.

    It's like what we Chinese say, "一 日不见,如 三 秋"。

    Another words don't fall in love with the market in this KAN CHEONG TIME.

    Yes i missed to buy anything in the stock market 2016, so what? (But i had bought and made some money from "It's Probably Over-priced" in 2016 and sold in 2017. Still have one IPO now still in the money.)

    If U think in terms of your whole life-term, everyone of us has the next and the next opportunity to buy if we missed this one.

    Only afraid U have no money left to buy.

    1. In a frenzied market, sitting on the sidelines is a difficult choice.

    2. Definitely.

      Me too.

      Only if U get older (like me), your itchy fingers will not be so flexible & quick to the draw.


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