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Sunday, 24 January 2016

When We Are Very Sick We May Have That Feeling of Entitlement that PAP Govt Owes Us Something! (2)

Read? When We Are Very Sick We May Have That Feeling of Entitlement that PAP Govt Owes Us Something!

With proper financial planning, assets and portfolio management, can we build up our own Medical & Health Care Self-Funding before we retire from our active employment?

This self funding is like Pay Per Use till exhaustion rather than Pre-Payment with limited Usage and may be potentially under-usage like many of us for our mobile plans.  


  1. CW, you have allocated 15.4% for medical & health care funding.

    Why so high leh?

    1st line of defend is MedishieldLife.. not enough? Disability insurance?

    1. 15.4% happened to be BTW through Total of RA, SA, MA and some emergency cash. CPF RA is from 65 onwards. Currently available from 60 to 65 is much lower.

    2. 15.4% if spread among family of 4 to 5 members seems ok, if uncle 8888 is the payer for all family health insurance premiums.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. respectfully disagree with your anecdotal evidence from your own experience.

    medical insurance for hospital expenses is not like a mobile plan whereby you can plan your usage and still use less.
    it is more likely you plan and measure your usage and can still have a chance to far exceed its capacity.

    to a qian bei who feels he has lived a full life (I hope you don't think that way, like to have you around for long long time) and probably doesn't qualify for medical insurance, it may feel like wasted money.

    to a youngster (word 'youngster' used liberally) who didn't fear the tiger, and gotten bitten (some of my friends even died and some left half a life), there is plenty of regret they didn't get any at all.

    to someone who didn't get it while they can, if they now can't, they will either be actively regretting it now or saying the grapes are sour.

    medical insurance (even those from govt that are opt-out) have improved greatly recently and I have people in my circle benefitting from it greatly. regretfully, the improvements may not have come in time for a lot of qian beis.

    but of course, the question is not whether it is useful, but whether it applies to you. (a spoon is useful drinking soup not cutting a thick steak.)

    and I believe why you may still have your medical insurance from govt, private medical insurance would be too expensive for you. and unfortunately, not enough singaporean medical staff (staff, not doctors) are willing to work cheerfully in an uncheerful work environment at minimum wage.

    1. SMK,

      You last paragraph power!

      Reminds me of:

      Reporter: Will you support minimum wage increase for Walmart co-workers?

      Customer: Why yes! It's only fair.

      Reporter: Are you willing to pay for the resulting price increases at Walmart stores?

      Customer: Hell no! I'll shop somewhere cheaper!

  4. Should be business owner n customer n ruling govert pay their share of min wage increase? Not customer only.

  5. G pays or not really makes not much difference to the G.
    Because whatever G pays or gives, it is really 1st must be collected from the people.

  6. weath distribution in a society belongs to G n Biz owner n the mass.


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