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Sunday, 17 January 2016

What Retirees Fear The Most?

Without more investment capital coming from their human asset through earned income and more savings; it is extremely tough to fight future inflation with only their financial assets without using assets draw-down strategy. They will need superior investing skills to grow their investment portfolio and investment income over market cycles to be sustainable.

The Road to FI 2.0 from FI 1.0  is so much tougher without the assistance and financial support from his human asset.

Still want set Goal for it and get Poke again!


  1. CW,

    You should thank me (and buy me a drink).

    Without me, where you got motivation to come up with more powerpoints?

    1. Ya. U up Grasshopper and Ants fairy tale. :-)

  2. Hi Uncle 8888

    Got question. May I ask how do u determine your net trading p/l to be 0% ? Your long and short price "cover up" each other nicely ? Curious.

    1. If the market continue to fall and with no rapid up surge in price recovery. With no stop-loss strategy and no profit taking opportunity, net P/L should be zero. Right? :-)

  3. i don't think so.
    As long as you have a portfolio of stocks, you will always have P/L net or no net.


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