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Friday, 22 January 2016

On Blog Leave : 25 Jan 16 to 1 Feb 16


Read? Exploring Taiwan for Round 2 - Cingjing, Sun Moon Lae, Xitou, Taichung and Taipei


  1. Have fun CW!

    Buy some betel nuts on the highway ;)

    They will "energized" you!


    1. Don't remember seeing any as I was traveling by public buses

  2. Have fun Uncle8888! Taipei to Tainan can take high speed rail. I haven't figured out how to navigate Tainan without getting a driver..

    1. Tainan is for Round 3. :-)

      Round 2 is Taichung.
      Round 1 is Taipei

    2. See!
      i have said.
      We just have too much time to spend our money.
      It's our hard earned money you know.
      Anyway, if this is not the time to "let go steam", then when?
      Remember we all come with nothing , therefore go with nothing.
      Please, enjoy yourself.
      Maybe some photographs of Tai Chung.
      i read this is the favorite place for immigrants.
      No typhoon or earthquake and pleasant temperature and many foreigners.
      i am thinking of visiting this place too.
      let me know if you like this place or not?

    3. See update to above post with my Travel Plan. Ant doesn't leave home without a Plan. When you decide to go there, i can pass u the Plan. :-)

    4. Ha! Ha!
      Sure, pass me the plan.

      i have not taken a "bullet train" have you?
      Even my wife had - more than once with her sisters in CHINA.

      Don't let SMOL or me (grasshoppers) "bluff you" totally.
      Sometimes not only we plan, we do plan like hell.
      Typical 4Ks Singaporean ma!
      At least me, i admit.
      That was the time when i self drive (only with family hoh) from Perth to Margaret River and another time the same from Brisbane to Gold coast.

      i read and read Australia maps and road directories for weeks if not for months.
      i even pre-booked all my hotels or holiday condos from internet with confirmation.
      And yes of course, car too.
      But car was only from Brisbane to Gold Coast and back to Brisbane.
      For Perth to Margaret river, i booked my car at Perth and back to Perth.

      i am talking about 16 to 20 years ago.
      Now.. you know.. "boh pian, yeow chi ku ah pian"

      Ha! Ha!

  3. Grasshopper will laugh again.

    Planning my foot!

    Last trip in Taipei tio Typhoon.

    This trip in CingJing tio Polar Vortex. Weather check at CingJing @ 12 pm, Sunday. Snow. - 5 degree. Unexpected. Re-packing with Winter clothing. Sianz!

  4. uncle, very cold now. remember to bring more clothes and dress warmly.


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