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Sunday, 20 June 2021

Mee Siam 17% Inflationary Rate Over Mee Rubus

 Hmm .. coffeeshop mee siam stall up its price from $3 to $3.50 and that is 17% increase while mee rubus stall still remains at $3. Let see for how long mee rubus stall will maintain at $3. Don't monkey sees. Monkey does!

Mee siam and mee rubus. What are the major difference in raw costs?

Mee rubus - yellow noodle cost more than white bee hoon?

Hard-boiled egg and tau pok. Same!

Mee siam sauce costs more than mee rubus?

Okay! Onwards more mee rubus to fight inflation. LOL!

Inflation rate at hawker stalls, food courts and coffeeshops more scary than official inflation rate! 


  1. CW,

    Yup, food prices are increasing a lot recently - no thanks to the supply chain constraints due to Wuhan virus thingy...

    I see quite a lot of home appliances and electronics have increased their prices too during my weekend sales gig too.

    Those customers who listened to my sales spin to "lock" the prices 6 months ago are smiling ear to ear when they found out they have saved another 8-10% arranging to have them delivered 6 months later ;)

    The only exception are computers, notebooks, and smart phones. They change new models every year. So if you can live with models one year older, its cheaper the longer we wait. But then cannot flex we got the latest and mostest models :(


    P.S. Oh! And toilet papers! Before Wuhan virus, my favourite brand costs $4.70. Then increased to $5 during lockdown last year. Now increased to $5.50.

    Increased of 17% over 1.5 years. I guess that's better than your coffee shop mee siam...

    Still, things are a lot "hotter" than CPF 4% no? (I can't help myself)

    1. Smol,

      Don't worry .... inflation is "transitory" ... CPF 4% is 4-ever LOL!

    2. Spur,

      That "transitory" bullshit didn't last long...

      Last Wednesday and Thursday, the US Fed did a 180 and burned those USD shorts who agreed with the "transitory" Fed only a month ago.

      I wouldn't be surprised if the US Fed came out next month with, "Just kidding!"

  2. I observed SMOL still prefer to address it as "wuhan virus". Yours truly also same. Somehow, find it awkward pronouncing Covid...

    1. Unknown,

      I'm not into "political correctness".

      If a variant is UK or South African, lets call it so.

      I'm not going to call the Indian variant "delta" just because I believe I can patronize everyone into thinking that would obfuscate the source...

      Calling it Wuhan virus is clear and simple england.

      Corvid is for the "educated" ones with their fancy euphemisms.


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