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Thursday, 10 June 2021

Is 2.5% CPFIS Compound Interest The Nano eighth wonder of the world???

Albert Einstein is reputed to have said, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn't, pays it.”

What happened to Uncle8888's kiasu and kiasi attitude when comes to re-investing his CPFIS by waiting for the next BIG market crash but it never come since 2009? Aiyah!

Somehow; then he realized the power of nano 8 wonder of the world in CPF OA 2.5% compound interest by looking back at data points! On hindsight; we are wonderful. Right?

Hmm .. can younger CPFIS members be passive investors for a few decades by collecting Pandaols through the Nano 8 wonder of the world as additional source of retirement income?

Right and hold passively for long term?

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  1. Replies
    1. Actually investing or money matters depends to a certain extend whether we are more like Tortoise or the Hare.

      It is in your DNA lah.

      Don't try to be the one U are not DNAed.

  2. Finally, decided to top up Wify's MMS RA to FRS with $$$.

    Suffer too much sucking FD rates for too many years already.

    IMHO, the Fed is always there to prop up the market.

    2020 Covid 19 market crash until now is a good example.

    Even if market crashes now, it won't be for long because the FED found QE, QE, QE seems to work wonders for US markets.

  3. Notice still don't touch Wify's CPF.

    Minimum 2.5% is quite a lot U know

    It is a perpetual annual Annuity cum Emergency (touch wood) to the sky to use.

    Also can use as nuclear bomb for deep market crash, u know.

    Actually don't want market to crash because many people will suffers.

  4. It seem, short to weeks trend tradings is the tactics now.

    CW8888 is doing it quite well.

    Must copy leh.

    Can or not?

  5. CW,

    Joking only hor!

    Anyone looking at your slides and say CPF offers better compounding got to be terrible in math...

    Or maybe you are getting better at snake oil!!!

    All it shows you are not Warren Buffett or Peter Lynch.

    But you are streets ahead of those majority who are still waiting to break even one day using CPFIS!

    Take out your slides where your returns in percentages are close to Temasek and GIC. That will give your mojo back!

    Don't compare with CPF lah. Want to compare, compare against youths invested in cryptos.

    That has kept me humbled.

    I suspect some youths must be kicking themselves for voluntary contributions to CPF when they could have gone to the moon with cryptos!

  6. Hi Uncle8888,

    Err 2.5% means doubling your money in like 29 years.

    No, I don't think that qualifies as 8th wonder of the world, nano or otherwise. :P

    The ability to pull the trigger & shoot $300K-$500K of CPF when markets are down -30% or -50% .... Now that's the REAL 8th wonder of the world! 🤣

    And the 9th wonder of the world??

    The ability to hold & not panic sell when the next -30% to -60% market drawdown hits!

    1. Hmm .. "2.5% means doubling your money in like 29 years." That is Maths on Rule of 72 for 1M65/4M65 voluntary three CPF accounts top up to wonder?

    2. 1M65/4M65 is actually an unspoken poke at increasing human capital & earnings power.

      Even the person who started it is not earning peanuts or $4K/month. ;)

      However the marketing for 1M65/4M65 doesn't seem to highlight this?!?

      Think this is something both of us has touched on couple times previously LOL.

    3. To have this ability U must be likely to have the Tortoise's quality lol.

      Waddle, paddle, waddle, paddle along. "Boh Chap"

      And Bug's Bunny's Favourite :"What's Up Doc"?


  7. It seems very difficult that's why i say it must be in your DNA. & your belief.

    And experienced once is more than enough in life.


  8. But may do it again if opportunity knocks.

    Then not like 2008/2009 as must consider legacy too even "Bo Chap" about myself.


  9. But ask me to try BIT COINS?

    Ha! Ha! camp lah!

  10. Don't remind me... My sinktel invested with CPFIS many years back still losing money!

    The "wonder" is not on me. T.T

    1. U see monitoring the market daily got benefits because U know more or less when to buy the stock U targeted lol.

      That's me O. K.


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