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Saturday, 3 October 2020

Financially Me, It is about Earning, Spending, Saving and Investing (3)

Read?  Financially Me, It is about Earning, Spending, Saving and Investing (2)

Read? Your Investment Portfolio is your Accelerator on the Road to Financial Independence!

Sound like broken Word Repeater!

The road to FI, FIRE or Semi or Full Retirement is NOT just based on our investing skills and starting as early as possible. How much capital we can inject periodically always matter!

When you look at Uncle8888's investment portfolio after 21 years without a single cent of capital injection since inception of investment portfolio in Jan 2000. It is flat! He was kiasi since 2000 as he thought that as single household income with five mouths to feed; he could not afford to lose any more money down the road as household expenses were expected to increase and retrenchment was always few years ahead of him! Sigh!

No uptrend compounding investment portfolio like we often see in long-term investment portfolio articles found in investment cyberspace! Super sianz!


  1. No lah, i think U have "super" achievement with the cards U have been dealed with then.

    Like i said earlier, there is always a reason why people acted this way or that way.

    Only the insane will do anything without a reason.

    But now the cards U are holding in your hands are so much better.

    What U are going to do about it?

  2. And your neighbour's grass always look greener.

  3. Hi Uncle8888,

    No leh ... that's becoz you didn't count the amount that you've sold off, as well as the dividends you've kept in cash, or the smaller amount that you've spent. These are cash values extracted from your stock investments, and should be counted as total returns. ;)

    1. The moral of story is ...

      to grow our investment portfolio we have to keep on injecting more capital into it; otherwise it hard to achieve escalating uptrend. LoL!

  4. My investment journey or style is like rolling a snow ball from the top of a completely covered snow mountain but somehow managed to stop and start rolling as and when the weather permits.

    Of course, the rate of snow ball grows in size has been pretty uneven.

    The most frightening thing to look out for is the snow ball triggers an avalanche.

    Then all years of effort will be wasted.

    All roads lead to Rome?

  5. When young just started work, average workers' earning power still much lower (ahem...exception high flyer scholars), so naturally capital will be limited. And younger minds tend to be less emotional steady enough to handle yet. But I think capital injection at the right time is better than periodically. As average income earner, each cent do matter, so the better the great Singapore promotion sales the better the chances of preserving the capital and room for growth. If we are lucky.,,,cough cough.

  6. CW,

    You definitely not trying to "sell" courses or seminars ;)


    Have to disagree on the starting young part. Eh, its old fogey psycho old fogey console oneself stuff lah.

    You have benefitted from more than 1 bull/bear cycle ;)

    The first one is usually the one where we lost money until drop pants. That's when real learning and personal discovery starts!

    Imagine if you had started in your 20s? Before marriage and kids?

    How many MORE bull/bear cycles would you had benefitted?

    You mean those bei kambing old fogeys in their 60s flushed with retirement cash, jumping into their FIRST bull/bear cycle would be better off than you? Especially those who only focused on SAVE MORE all their lives?

    Then again, they'll make the BEST customers for snake oils - be it self-styled gurus or investment bankers ;)

    Capital size and regular injections are important. Its like having a great sword.

    But without the financial wisdom and knowledge to wield this sword...

    1. Read?

      We must be 张无忌. 学会九阳神功 to wield this sword.

      Where to 学九阳神功?

      Pay snake oil or spent time and effort in NLB to look for your own version of 九阳神功. LOL!

    2. CW,

      There are so many kung fus out there. Which one suits our feet best?

      If my body nature is Yin, learn Jiu Yang Shen Gong???

      Perhaps Jiu Ying Zhen Jing or Han Bing Zhan may be more suitable ;)

      When we lost until our pants drop, that's when our personal discovery starts!

      Only when we stop telling little lies to ourselves will we seek and ponder which kung fu suits us best?

      NOT which kung fu is the "BEST"?

      Like when we were bei kambings...

      Well, I noticed despite our many disagreement, we are both not Buy and Hold "investors" ;)

      Profits and money that we harvest and spent on ourselves and people that matter, its money that the markets can never take back ;)

      Unlike unrealised profits.

      Knowing WHEN to SELL its one of the hardest skill to master.

      That's why most gurus and financial advisors just sweep it under the carpet and encourage bei kambings to stick their heads under the sand... (Because they can't teach what they don't know!!!)

      Just buy and hold.

      One day we'll breakeven one. Trust!

  7. Hi all,

    It is a matter of trying and apprehend the technique which lead to the mastery of 九阳神功. It takes times and I opine that it is worth the attempt.


  8. Whatever.

    It is better to love and lost then never venture never gain.

    And i think all roads lead to Singapore.

    U only have to find your own route.

    All these mother statements are call mother statements not for nothing.

    Experience counts more than theory.


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