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Friday, 30 October 2020

DBS : Buy and Hold vs Trading on Core Position

 The data point of one!

This is not Back testing on digital data! 

It is real retail investor and with real money on the table!

Buy, RIGHT and hold!

It is not right to anyhow poke buy and hold investors!

Realized gains from stocks only go up! LOL!

Buy, RIGHT and hold over 18 yrs

Average yearly ROC is about 20% p.a

Even if DBS stock price crashes to $10 over the next five years; average yearly ROC with future dividends is likely to be more than 9% p.a. over 23 yrs

How about trading on one's core position?

What is the Moral of the Story behind this data point of one?

Don't anyhow poke at buy & hold and those who are still waiting for the next big market crash like AFC, Sep 11, SARS, and GFC!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Buy and hold for stock indices is ok. Buy and hold for individual stocks is a risky no, no. Not for the average person.

  3. CW,

    Now this is an open invitation for me to poke!

    Trading around one's core position is all about squeezing blood from stone.

    No stock go all the way up in a straight line. Along the way, there will be corrections and pullbacks.

    Its just one trading technique to boost one's return. Do it right, the trading profits can be more than the dividend yields ;)

    Why don't you use your other data point of one - Keppel?

    Keppel at current prices is akin to DBS trading at $10 ;)

    Never trust a statistics we have not personally manipulated first!

    Your case is got bosom; reveal cleavage.

    Got legs; wear mini-skirts.

    You har!

  4. Ha ha! Real life example of how snake oil showing example of investment success stories based on hindsight!

    Hope more people get the message! LOL!

  5. Haha, I m silent reader of CW8888 / SMOL blogs. No poke no fun. Keep going

    1. Must take precautions by wearing raincoat OK?

      Anyhow poke can shotgun one...

      CW and me are like the 2 man 相声.

      Always bickering, always arguing.

      I'll do my part to make it clearer for bei kambing readers who probably didn't realise this post by CW is meant as a "poke" or "sarcasm" ;)

  6. Hi Uncle8888,

    Nothing beats real life examples of both snake oils & actual stocks returns! :)

    What it tells us is that both buy-and-hold & buy-sell-buy-sell also works. Depends whether one is good in one method or both methods. LOL!

    Heck even buy property in Syria or Afghanistan also can make big bucks. I'm sure there're many multi-millionaires in both countries.

    But one thing about buy-and-hold ... returns are the best when buying during the darkest nights & stormiest of storms. Of course buy the right asset or stock (else buy the whole index or world).

    Singapore overtakes Thailand to become Asia's worst stock market.

    Singapore's unemployment rises to 16-year high.


  7. i am one arm sword man like Wang Yi.

    B&H&S. Rinse and repeat. Win some lose some. Nett +, + O. K. lah.

    But now maybe can buy and hold only because not much time left for me.

    Can pass on to my son if he is intereste
    But looks like market nowdays favour kill & run, kill & run.
    Too many things change too fast and furiously, in a twinkle of an eye people say.

    Anyone into bit coin?
    Have not even bother to read about it.
    But it seems, like it or not, old fogeys have to adapt or accomodate crypto currencies sooner or later if more and more Gs start to accept them.

    And what'da u say?
    Crypto Currencies?
    What's that?
    Alamak, many new headaches still have not appeared yet.

  8. Just started to buy a little yesterday and today.
    Still very far , very far away from home( 2020 March's fiasco).
    And the road is long and narrow and curvy.

  9. Replies
    1. Using Cash Up Front @ Vickers not allow pre booking que to buy.

      Only b4 opening early in the same morning, yes.

      Use to que to buy @ my price even in days to weeks.

    2. May be it is time to change yr broker. Broker is here to serve us and not the other way

    3. No lah, i have other brokers for selling only.

      Buying at DBS Vickers CUF Acct., brokerage fees is quite cheap and the only broker that no

      need a custodian account.

  10. Replies
    1. That is the idea behind this blog tile : Create wealth through long-term investing and short-term trading!

    2. Createwealth8888,

      Indeed! Got to live up to your blog's name.

      With your wealth of experience in both long-term investing and short-term trading, which one do you think is more profitable?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. My own experience, i am not so keen in short term trading now.
    It is like ants or bees gathering food.
    May be because of my leaning to longer term trading, i am not so good at short term trading.

    Actually in my younger days i traded NOL in 50 to 150 lots in short to mid-term in weeks to a year.
    That's why NOL was/is one my darlings in giving me "free" money.
    Not interested now having lost touch, maybe today markets change in a twinkling of an eye.
    Lost interest, therefore lost touch for trading short term.

  13. Actually with Fed. Res. saying interest rate going to be kept as zero for many more years, IMHO, it is time to use more B&H Tactics.

    Besides, unlimited QE may trigger hyperinflation, deflation or stagnation?
    Pick your choice but is it better to B&H then keeping a lot of cash?

    Anyone, any other ideas/opinions?

  14. Almost buying at every dip is for long-term trader.
    Only how to pick the winner and not loser?


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