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Sunday, 11 October 2020

Investing Your CPFIS - Not So Easy! (2)

Read?  Investing Your CPFIS - Not So Easy!

Ha ha! Now article on SundayTimes.


  1. I topped up my RA using cash to the prevailing ERS of $271,500. Moving forward I will continue to top up my RA to future prevailing ERS annually.
    I do use some of OA to buy bank stocks since March Covid19 and will continue to do so when the price makes sense

    1. Forget to add, I also top up my wife's SA to prevailing limit of $181,000. She is 49 this year

  2. Congratulations Siew Mun. Very well planned and executed move, especially on your dual shielding of your OA & SA last month! Think you are the only one who has successfully pulled that off!

  3. CPF is nest egg and safety net. Purpose of having a safety net is so that one dares to take risk in more dangerous stuff for higher returns. However, one should not take risk with the safety net itself. That is how I will manage my own money.

  4. I also read this article this morning. Just feel that the guy is funny when no one can force or con him into using his CPF for investment. Maybe it is just a “foil” by some organization to create awareness?

    My friend just asked me if he should use his CPF to invest. I told him to just let it compound.

    Use SRS to invest is better!

    1. May be the pain in them is so great that push them to do something to show lesson learnt to others.

      Kor Kian Beng

      Mon, Mar 29, 2010
      The Straits Times

      RETIRED sailor Goh Tor Zin said he lost $350,000 of his Central Provident Fund savings through bad stock market investments, and yesterday made a radical suggestion at a ministerial dialogue.

      The 59-year-old Kampong Kembangan resident sought a ban on using CPF money for such investments, saying the CPF scheme should stick to its original aims of helping Singaporeans save for their retirement, medical and housing needs: 'When I retired, I collected only $35,000. I lost $350,000. The sum may be small for some, but for me, I can buy many packets of chicken rice.'

      Mr Goh, who is unmarried and lives with his 91-year-old father in a five-room Lengkong Tiga flat, said he made a similar suggestion to the CPF when he collected his CPF money on turning 55: 'They told me that I don't have to buy (shares), and that no one forced me to do so. I said, 'Yes if you don't sell drugs, I won't buy drugs. So you are not wrong, I am also not wrong'.'

      Read Resident wants ban on CPF cash for investments

    2. "Yes if you don't sell drugs, I won't buy drugs. So you are not wrong, I am also not wrong."


      Are U comparing selling stocks to selling drugs?

      Must read "Straight & Crooked Thinking".


    3. Same as second hand smoke. You don't sell. Where got second smoke? LOL!

  5. Hi Uncle8888,

    So another data point of being able to do "property refund" back to OA even after 55... 🤔

    1. Can MPs pick up this and submit as one of motions on how to help senior Singaporean to make their excess cash work harder? In CPF, we trust!

    2. i remember it was compulsory for us to "property refund" as we were below 55 years old.

  6. For people like us average to low earners, if we don't take the risk to use CPF as CPFIS, where got so much capital to invest?

    Where got chance to retire or FIRE like new genration coin the word?

    If U know what U are doing than the risks can be mitigated to as low as possible.

    If U don't know what U are doing then,

    “Never try to walk across a river just because it has an average depth of four feet.”
    — Milton Friedman

    1. On the other hand, i know relatives who are professionals (very rich) who own propeties(of course), only buy stocks at appropriate time never sell.

      That's how the rich can get richer so much more easier then average working class - ""Böh Pon Chi, Cho Buay Tang".

    2. But to repeat again, not everyone even has the brain, will have the stomach to tahan 50% lost in their stock portfolio.

      when 50 % portfolio loss, U sell, sell, sell intead of buy, buy, buy, then please don't invest in the 1st place.

      Talk big Huh!?

      Yes i did not sell but looking for my balls then.

      And i still have 40 to 50 % investing cash.

      This happened to me in 2008/2009,

      But i tahan then sold too early, so this cycle was not quite lucrative for me lol.

      But i came out with a little profit too.

      The moral of the story here is your stomach is more important than brain.

      Normal IQ is enough but not a weak stomach.



  7. Above, i have had learned from WB's quotation in the middle stage of my investment journey.

    Which really has enlightened me some sort because i have experienced it more than once.

    If not 50% loss of my portfolio (worst case so far - touch wood), there were 20,30,40 % loss many a time.


  8. And to add, Doctors or Scientists will tell U your stomach affected your Brains a lot. O. K.

  9. Actually CPF, what we can we top up for our immediate relatives.

    Besides RA, what others A,s?


    Interesting. No?


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