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Sunday, 18 October 2020

Stocks Only Go Up.

Read? Stocks Only Go Up. Wait!?

True la!

Stocks only go up!

You don't believe. You can go and check on those investment bloggers in Singapore Investment Blogosphere who have posted their Sep 20 month ending stocks investment performance charts.

What do you see from their charts?

Mostly, Over long term; stocks only go up!

True right?

So you know how to do to achieve that?


  1. "Stocks only go up" is a dangerous statement to buy into. If one insist on doing that, then safer to apply it to stock indices, but NEVER on individual stocks. Not uncommon for individual stocks to go to zero but very rare for stock indices to go to zero.

    There have been occasions in history when even stock indices did go to zero. Bad politics was the cause. Ask the rich Russian and Chinese investors when communists with no respect for property rights took over as government.

    1. Why Nikkei Index never regain it's glorious day?

      There are people thinking US Stock Exchange Indexes may be heading the way of Nikkei Index.

      Possible or not?

    2. "Ask the rich Russian and Chinese investors when communists with no respect for property rights took over as government".


      The communists called this Wealth Distribution if i am not wrong.

      But almost all Gs. practise some forms of Wealth Distribution.

      Income taxes,and especially Estate duty Taxes.

      Not that what the communists Gs of Russia and China did in the past of Land Re-distribution ( lands) was right or just.

      But those were drastic time for the mass population

      And drastic time call for drastic measure or action.

      It very hard to say whether it was right or wrong.

      It depends on which side U were on then - landless or too much land.


  2. Also stocks only go up until.....

    i think Neil Macoy's presentation is one of the most sensible to believe.


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