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Thursday 16 January 2020

Why Pursue Financial Freedom? (5)

Read? Why Pursue Financial Freedom? (4)

Read? F.I.R.E : FU$ Or No Thanks$

Let get Real!

How many of us expect our boss or bosses to appreciate the idea of those working under them can one day say to them either FU or No Thanks and then F.I.R.E them! 

Those who "love" or "enjoy" or "happy" to work till official or forced retirement are unlikely to keep talking or mentioning to others on achieving or pursing financial independence or F.I.R.E.

Do you know someone who love their CURRENT job so much and also keep talking about F.I.R.E?

Uncle8888 would like to jio them for kopi to find out more!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I pursue FI although I am currently happy with my work. What prompted me to pursue FI is due to what I experienced in my previous 2 jobs.

    1.) Boss was nice but he went for early retirement. The new boss was quick-tempered and micro-managed. Cannot stand it, so looked for another job and left.

    2.) In the new job, workload was manageable initially. But it got out-of0hand later. Almost wanted to quit without a job but luckily managed to find one just in time. At that time, I just bought a flat, so needed money too.

    From the above 2 experiences, I realize how tiring it is to work under unfavorable conditions just because of the money. I wanted to be able to leave a job even without landing another one in my later years, hence decide to pursue (and still pursuing) FI.

    Fast forward to 2020, I have a fully paid flat and CPF SA in excess of FRS. It is an important milestone for me and I feel more at ease nowadays.

  3. CW,

    That's why most of us will keep our cards close to our chests ;)

    If our bosses knew we are not in it for the LONG haul, we should they send us to seminars, workshops, and upgrading courses?

    Wouldn't it be cheaper to hire us as contract employees instead?

    Hence we see so many financial bloggers with brown paper bags over their heads ;)

    Those that show "face" are usually snake oil salespersons.


    I think I just roasted myself...


    1. Hmm .. I don't think you will go back as full time employee. No scare of showing your face. LoL

    2. River crossed; mountain climbed.

      Now its hungry eat; tired rest :)

  4. In my earlier working years in the 1990s, I had a boss who wasn't shy about letting colleagues know that he was comfortably FI (including junior subordinates like me). That's probably becoz we were in a stat board and at that time, public servants pretty much were on iron rice bowl permanent job contracts (he likely was on the older golden bowl civil service contract).

    He didn't believe in stocks though. He was a firm believer in savings & kept reminding subordinates to save 1/3 of their take home pay. Needless to say, makan treats & gifts & angpaos were few and far between with this boss, unlike the other depts! But he was a firm believer in SG properties & also in lump sum opportunistic buying. Bought properties during 1985, 1998, and 2004. He was a major influencer in encouraging me to buy my HDB in 1998 and an investment condo in 2004, so I guess that makes up for all the makan treats & angpaos that I didn't have under him! LOL.

    1. Watching and learning directly from boss. Good motivation at work.

  5. I enjoy my current work environment, challenging job scope and awesome colleagues and bosses. I also openly share my FIRE plans with them, how to plan their taxes and why they should top up their CPF.

    I'm also open with how many more years I expect to work and that hasn't been any problem so far. :)

  6. I never really enjoy my working life, because to me it is just a job. There are no passion and values.
    Bosses comes and go, job change and re-adapt. Just a cycle of a life.

    Those days, our teachers just told us to get into Engineering...blah blah blah...
    Perhaps if I had chose the academic path I like, things might have turn out different for me. But then, the choices in the old days were limited.

    I started to pursue Financial Independence hoping perhaps one day I could reset my life again and do the things i really wanted to do. I shared with most of my colleagues with what I am doing, but to them it is a dream beyond reach or worse.....just something to get rich..zzzz. My boss however took the advantage of the situation, giving me bad grade to meet the company quota headcounts, somehow he felt that I do not need anymore promotion.

    1. Quote : "My boss however took the advantage of the situation, giving me bad grade to meet the company quota headcounts, somehow he felt that I do not need anymore promotion."

      Exactly this was what I have encountered too. My ex ex boss told me to relax (coasting) and take care of health. Actually in Bell Curve performance appraisal system, bosses need more staff who achieved FI to fit in the bell curve nicely. LOL!

      This boss --> Now It Is Alright For Him To Ask

    2. Well, I lost quite a few months of bonus because of it.

      I did however get to meet one good boss in my entire working life who actually encourage me to pursue financial security before he retired. I was really sad to see him retired, because all the bosses after him were only concerned with performance and answering the management demands.

    3. Dreamzola Traveller,

      Although you wear a brown paper bag over your head, I understand and respect your reasons for doing so ;)

      Its precisely the reasons you and CW have experienced.

      As a former shepherd, I'll never include anyone into the inner core if their hearts are not in it (to make me look good).

      CW and I have met in person. You have a blog which at least I can do "trust but verify".

      Who would trust anonymous unknowns have to say?

      Of course there are companies and industries that PROMOTE and ENCOURAGE "FIRE" - life insurance, MLM, property sales, wealth management, etc.

      How else to recruit millionaires wannebes to join your team?

      And if you don't at least pretend to eat your own cooking, how to convince clients, "See? I can do it! So can you!"

    4. Just sharing my life experience and my own belief, nothing more. I don't expect anyone to know me or agreed with me.
      My own blog was set up to help my friends or any 有缘人 still looking for an answer, along with the links to other blogs/website which I have learned and benefited in my journey. If they can't find any answer in it or doesn't believe in it, there is nothing much i can do but let time prove itself.


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