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Monday, 6 January 2020

The Dilemma Of Young Personal Financial Investment Influencers (Refresh)

Young personal financial investment influencers in 20s and 30s.

Read? The Dilemma Of Young Personal Financial Investment Influencers


  1. CW,

    One is a craftsmanship - 10,000 hours anyone?

    The other is passive as in letting others take care of us ;)

    Now in your 60s, flushed with investible cash and CPF funds, you don't have to ask others this stock can buy or not?

    Or be like those retired newbie bei kambings taking investing/trading courses thinking they will be just as competent as those who have weathered 1 or 2 bull/bear cycles - paying in blood, sweat, and tears ;)

  2. 10,000 hrs is far too long to achieve competency. There should be secret manual somewhere for short cut. Practise on this secret manual for few months or 1 year can go down mountain to kill your opponents in the market.

    Go and find this secret manual.

  3. There may be a secret manual but when you have found it, do U have what is inside U to make use of the secret manual practically.

    U see actually the secret to me is if U don't lose any Capital money in the market, somehow U make already.

  4. The mindset has to change first before anything else.
    One could give them the best manual with the best training, but ultimately if they do not believe it or refuse to come out of their comfort cave to see the real world outside. Nothing will change.

    Sometime, some people have to learn the hard way to evolve and become competent.

    1. Can mindset be trained to change by external party?

    2. If the individual is ‘open’ minded enough to be trained, willing to put what they learn into practice, gain wisdom in learning from mistakes, it is possible. Assuming that individual doesn't get excited first, run off by himself to try everything on his own without consulting the external party.

  5. Some people are just not suitable to be in the market.

    i know at least 3 or 4 people like that.

    And 2 of them are accountants.

    Having said that can U change my mindset about trading Forex or anything like that? i did try to change but never liked it.

    Yet who can say I am not trading in the market?

    1. Aye! Some people really are not suitable, especially the emotional type ones.

      Hmmm, sound like you are open-minded to accept the new ideas of Forex or anything. But it just doesn't match your belief or not what you are looking for.


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