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Thursday 2 January 2020

I am on Retirement Sum Scheme (RSS) (5)

Based on the two official replies from CPF

1. Estimated Monthly Payout from 65 to 88 is about $1,180

2. Estimated Monthly Payout from 65 to 90 is about $1,130

Read? I am on Retirement Sum Scheme (RSS) (4)

29 Dec 2019 09:20 PM

I already know the estimate from the calculator. But it only gives up to 23 years at 88 yrs old.

How about from 89 to 90?

What is the monthly payout?


Dear Mr Ng

We refer to your email of 29 December 2019. 

If you would like your payouts to last you till age 90, you can request to adjust your payouts to about $1,130 if you were to commence payout from age 65 in September 2021.

The actual payout rate will depend on your age and your RA balances when your payout application and request is processed. Your request will be assessed on a case-by-case basis as well

Do note that you will need to submit your request to receive the above-stated payout amount along with the payout 'Form RSS30' when you are nearing age 65.

Thank you and Happy New Year to you! 

Yours sincerely


  1. Don't understand why RSS calculator doesn't have option for 85 to 90 to give estimated monthly payout.

  2. Hi Uncle8888,

    Yep I suspected as much. The key phrase in all CPF webpages & literature is "up to 5 years".

    By default the computation is based on 20 years payout / "depreciation" @ 4% interest.

    And then use the above monthly payout amount & the extra interests to see can last how long. Usually is less than 5 years unless the person's Minimum / Retirement Sum is bigger than a certain amount.

    Most of the RSS cohorts' minimum sums are not big enough. Moreover many don't even hit or put in the full minimum sum into RA.

    Having another calculator option to die-die last till 90 means re-computing base on 25 year drawdown @ dynamic weighted interest rates (between 4%-6%). People will be confused lah.

    1. Yeap. CPF scheme is trying to do good but confusing to understand how to optimise

    2. CW,

      Eh... Difference only $50 per month for that 2 years difference nia...

      Is it "optimise" or you trying to "maximise"? Love CPF so much until want to squeese every cent out? LOL!

      We can only "optimise" if we know WHEN we'll go sell salted duck eggs. You seem to be very sure you'll live beyond age 88?

      If you want more $ payout monthly, then follow temperament and delay the payout till 70 ;)

      Isn't it "easier" to forecast whether you'll need the this CPF money from 65 to 70 (that's what your detailed powerpoints are for), than to agonise over whether you'll leave after 88 or 90 - all this for $50 per month? Really? You're not exactly hardship case... What happened to 4 taps?

      And in the event you go before 70, you are on RSS - not CPF Life - so every cent of your CPF money will go to your love ones. Where's the risk?

      I'm on CPF Life with NO dependents. So its not whether I trust CPF or not.

      My feet different size so I'll choose another course of action ;)

    3. Ha ha. $50 not enough to pay for monthly transport pass at $64 now

  3. Your RSS has proven the power of 4% and extra 2% compounding interests. You love your CPF!

  4. Temperament,

    What you see is what you get.

    So if you see: XXXX for 15 years .... like that lorr!

    If want longer like 20 yrs or 25 yrs, then work with CPF to reduce the monthly payouts.


    CPF has tweaked CPF Life Basic plan to be somewhere between RSS and the Standard Plan. The monthly payout is less than RSS, but the bequest is larger and lasts longer than RSS.

    1. Spur,

      CPF Life has a subsidy element - its just a question of more or less - depending on which plan we've chosen.

      There's a reason why the default plan is the way it is - big daddy betting on ignorance, laziness, inertia, and can't be bothered "bo chapness" will do their part for socialism ;)

      RSS is my money is my money - but if we have long life and CPF funds ran out, then its ownself take care of ownself :(

      CPF Life is great for longevity like Dr Mahatir, but sucks if leave early...

      Who knew retirement planning has turned into speculation when we will go sell salted duck eggs?

      Come, place your bets!


      P.S. See the old fogeys trying to squeese blodd from the CPF stone? That's why if CPF is a smaller part of our networth, life is a lot easier. We don't have to sweat the small stuffs ;)


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