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Sunday 12 January 2020

Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (8)

Read? Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (7)


This person really exists in Singapore and may make investment bloggers fall off their chair!

He is single in his 40s!

Great saver!

Living on his own in 4 room HDB flat; and currently he has no intention to rent out his spare rooms as his privacy worth more than any additional "passive" income. 

No need for more money to build wealth for retirement???

Not investing!

Even more shocking!

Not even putting money in FD to earn more interests!

Why worry so much?


  1. My savings rate is 45%. I rely fully on CPF as the back bone for heavy lifting. Some advice, trying alternatives for OA lol. Some mentioned don't put all the eggs in one (CPF) basket. Others mentioned must have alternative stream.
    If CPF not safe others will worse in a crisis. Many forgotten AIA nearly when kaput in 2008.
    Hundreds of customers flocked to the Singapore office of troubled insurer American International Group Inc. (AIG) on Wednesday, many hoping to pull their investments and policies from the company.

    People in Singapore queue outside the office of AIA, a subsidiary of AIG.
    People in Singapore queue outside the office of AIA, a subsidiary of AIG.

    The crowd formed just hours after the U.S. Federal Reserve Board authorized the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to lend $85 billion to a crumbling AIG.

    1. Walau! That is Insurance Run! It is also like Bank Run!

    2. I remembered cos my late Dad was one of those who queued in AIA

  2. CW,

    Those with conviction are like the 8 immortals crossing the Eastern sea - my life; my path ;)

    Weak ones feel better if there's a herd they can follow. Some of the more clueless ones even want to convince others to follow them. This way, if wrong, everyone die together feel better mah!

    If one is risk adverse (no balls no shame lah), do what's good by you.

    If one has more fire in their veins (gamblers), do what's in your nature.

    Look at the French. Propose delay pension from 62 to 64 start striking and protesting!? That's their French Revolution DNA for you.

    Singapore? From 55 to constant moving goal posts. No problem. In big daddy we trust! Can't blame when one is used to being taken care of ;)

    Ownself take care of ownself is hard; not passive :(

    Craftsmanship needs effort :(

    1. From 55 to constant moving goal posts!
      SG has protest too!

      Hong Lim Park. Return my CPF! LOL!

    2. CW,

      The French and Hong Kongers would laugh... You call that protest?

      (That said, I also don't want to see the student/communists protests to return)

      Big daddy must be sniggering. The voluntary CPF top-up is picking up pace in the FIRE community. Now just have to get more influencers to spread the "good news" to mainstream...

      CPF good, better, best!

      "Safe" compounding what? (Just don't elect Nagib or Greek calibre govt)

      So good that I won't be surprised one day one indian chief will advocate never taking our CPF money out! Ever!

      Keep compounding till eternity!? What inflation?


    3. I wasn't born yet, but I hope I'll never have to experience those militant Singapore protests in the 50s during my lifetime.

      What happend in HK today has happend to us before.

      If it happen to Singapore again in the future, would queuing outside the CPF office help?

  3. Uncle8888,

    Majority (probably more than 80%) of people around the world don't invest, yet mostly can retire ... maybe depend a bit on children giving allowance. Most hand-off investing to govts & companies (old ones) to invest their pension funds.

    Of course no need to invest if can save >50% of take home pay LOL! But more applicable to higher income or those singles/no dependents with low expenses.

    The "mainstream" idea of investing for retirement is in putting 15% of take home pay to work on regular basis over 30-40 years, so that hopefully you end up with enough to support current lifestyle for another 30 years.

    For countries with traditional state / company pensions, people are being motivated to do/plan their own investing or savings as those traditional pensions continue to become underfunded & eroded.

    For Singapore, I think govt has succeeded in educating those Gen X & younger that CPF is not enough --- better do your own savings too. Topping up CPF is considered as "doing own savings" LOL!

    BTW back in 1951-1953 the govt was considering either a state pension plan or individual savings plan for CPF! The individual savings plan won out, probably due to the cost & lack of expertise to manage & invest a state pension --- that expertise only came much later in the early-1980s with GIC.

    As long as housing cost can be kept to below 25% of household income, & adequate paying jobs are available, most people should be able to save & invest enough for retirement. Govt's jobs is hence to create this environment for the long term.

  4. temperament,

    I like to poke old fogeys (better do so before I become one myself), but when it comes to real people real lessons, I rather listen to old fogeys ;)

    Can't argue with "Don't put all your eggs in one basket".

    Risk happens when one is "male-chicken" sure something won't happen one...

    Why would you hedge or buy insurance then?

    I still remember the story you told about that German billionaire who killed himself after placing a massive wrong bet in stocks...

    For me, I've seen with my own eyes my Greek admin manager happy happy thinking she can retire at 50 with full pension only to be hit with the Greek crisis...

    2 years before the shit hit the fan, the Govt of the day was still reducing income taxes as promised in the elections (not that I was complaining)!?

    2 things I can control:

    Vote against anyone who suggest abolishing NS.

    Vote against any political parties that promise "free this", "free that".

  5. Savers may be eagerly waiting to see what the upcoming digital banks will offer.

    HK's first digital bank offers 6% rate.

    Short term intro stunt, but hey it's free kopi money. Kekeke

  6. Quote : "For me, I've seen with my own eyes my Greek admin manager happy happy thinking she can retire at 50 with full pension only to be hit with the Greek crisis..."

    Our personal experience is our best adviser and teacher.


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