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Monday, 13 January 2020

Freedom To Choose What To Eat

I have the freedom to choose what to eat!

Cai png!

It doesn't overshoot $10 per meal! Right?



  1. Ehh some malay cai png (nasi padang) can be budget busters LOL!

    1. nasi padang.

      Hmm ... easier to choose too.

      Some cai png stall has too many items and need to see here. see there, see again and think what to eat.

  2. Come to eating out at hawker centres, i think my family is one of the champion among cahmpions.

    Err..., my wife doesn't cook all these years.

    Only cook once in a GREEN MOON -rarer than a blue moon of course.

    But only 3 of us it makes sense not to cook except once in a while steam fish lol.

    U know how expensive eating steam fish even at Zi Zhar stalls.

    1. U know just a few years ago, NTUC Super Market was selling white pompfret at about $26 per Kg.

      Now anything from $36 to 40+ per Kg.

      Today i check is $46/kg.

      Try eating this fish at ZI ZHAR?


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