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Monday, 21 October 2019

Temasek makes S$4.1 billion bid to take control of Keppel Corp

Read? Temasek makes S$4.1 billion bid to take control of Keppel Corp

Read? Long Term Investing : The Past Is NOT Present. The Present is NOT the Future! That is WHY it is very tough to be BUY and HOLD!!!

The Motley Fool Singapore » Company Analysis » 

2 Reasons I Find It Difficult to Invest in Keppel Corporation Limited

Lawrence Nga | September 24, 2019


One month later ...

Temasek makes S$1.4B bid to take control of Keppel Corp!


  1. Waiting to see how Mr Market react tomorrow? LOL!

    1. CW,

      I won't "congratulate" you ;)

      If you wanted to sell, you would have sold north of $10 .

      You must be feeling relieved Temasek is just taking majority control; not taking Keppel private.

      If delisted, you would be downright pissed off!

      For those who bought at higher prices than Temasek's offer price, their goal of breaking-even one day is not dashed. First anger, then realise nothing has changed.

      That said, buy-the-dip traders who bought Keppel recently are elated :)

    2. Delisted. Lost the bragging right. Very angry. LoL!

  2. Congrats Uncle8888!!

    Many years' of dividends reaped in advance LOL!

    Big boost to your Sembcorp too.

    Early Christmas present for you hahaha!

    Now all those long sufferers in telcos are hoping something similar Kekeke!!

    1. Nothing to shout about. More years of "passive" income to come. Otherwise has to find replacement to regain those bragging right.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Does it means u don't have to take up the offer if U don't want to?

    2. We can don't sell. Election coming. Don't make those who have bought high angry hor

  4. NOL is only shipping business.

    Keppel Corp is a conglomerate therefore so much more diversify.

    So much more safer in a longer terms for survivalship?

  5. Lowest inflation in 3 years Benefit of low growth or "near-recessionary" economy ... good for retirees!

    Easier to beat inflation & make their assets last longer ... as long no drastic crash! LOL!


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