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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

How Do We Measure Our Own Success In Life?

Read? To succeed, what are you willing to sacrifice?

Becoming very rich?

Becoming big landlord?

Becoming business owner?

Climbing corporate ladder to our limit?

Becoming rich and famous?


Some interesting conversation with one ex-colleague in his early 40s who had an interview this morning for this year end promotion exercise.

How do we measure our own success in life?

He has rejected any promotion.

So what exactly is success?

Can success be knowing what is enough and maintaining status quo?

Be happy! Don't ask for more! Can?

BTW, he also NOT investing too!

He is frugal! 

His favorite and regular meals are economical rice and doesn't cost much to survive!


  1. Then Company will consider U are dead wood.

    Certain things in life are not up to us to choose at times.

    Better be ready for next targeted retrenchment exercise.

    No status quo for company's business one, i think.

    1. Of course is there such a thing as promotion after promotion till one's level of "incompetence"?

      i believe there is.

  2. CW,

    With a ruler?

    I'm with Sigmund Freud.

    All we do is about comparing whether mine is bigger than your's ;)

    And if mine is smaller, then its about "compensation"...

    Notice the small man, big car syndrome?

  3. Ambition is "I NEED to grow it BIGGER!!!"

    Wisdom is knowing when it is "big enough". LOL!!!

    Based on hierarchy of needs/ERG/motivation-hygiene theories, your ex-colleague may have reached where he wants to be & is "satisfied".

    Based on social exchange / equity / expectancy theories, it may be that he figures the inputs required to get bigger (or the increase in size) is not worth it.

    Hey he's a happy camper!!

    1. Spur,

      When a person is "balanced", we snake-oils can't collect fees and commissions :(

      The whole purpose of marketing is to knock you off-balance ;)

      Look! Better buy insurance! If not... See this who and who's sad story...

      Its a bit like selling make-up to girls. If you don't make yourself pretty, no guys will look at you!

      And are you aware your peer is now on FIRE from investing in REITs? Come, let me show you how with no brains needed... Just bring your money can oredi!

      From the perspective of a shepherd, if sheep don't respond to carrot or stick, that would make me "powerless". I made sure I don't recruit such people and would gladly transfer these happy campers out of my team!

      The price of being a happy camper is hentak kaki ;)

  4. Actually having campers around is good for corporations using bell curve performance appraisal system.

  5. The question is even campers(who rejected promotions) still perform at his usual standard capacity, his performance is now viewed differently by company now.

    Because he has been expected to perform better at a higher level by company, even without accepting the promotion.

    So how?

  6. Another words most probably ownself condemns ownself as far as company is concerned.

    1. Incidentally, is there a case in the army that someone can refuse a promotion?

      Just for TC.

    2. Higher rank. Higher privilege. Hard to refuse. Lol


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