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Sunday, 27 October 2019

On Blog Leave From 29 Oct to 5 Nov 2019 : Taiwan Round 6

Read? Day 9 (Afternoon) and Day 10 ( up to 4 PM) : Taiwan - Kaohsiung

Taoyuan (4N), re-visit CingJing (3N) and day tour to Sheipa if departure available from Taoyuan.

This time exploring walking trials in CingJing.


  1. Enjoy.

    There U see too much spare/free time means what?

    Spend more money lol.

    But then hoh, what is the use of money if we don't spend it?

    It never yours until U spend it.

    Also no one knows when his tomorrow never comes.

    So FOMO & UOLO need to be practised from times to times.

    No regret as long as i can leave with a legacy behind.

  2. Of course, of course.

    Since when we have some undertakings if not affordable.

    We all are from surviving in the stock markets, U know.

  3. Uncle 8888

    Enjoy your trip!

    Paging from xi men ding.

    1. Bump into same block neighbour at Taichung HSR. They are going to Taipei while I am going back to Taoyuan. LOL

    2. I miss Taiwan. What a small world! I too bumped into a familiar client at one of the night market in Taipei. Lol

  4. Hi CW,

    What are the main attractions(including food?)for U at TAI CHUNG?

    How many days stay at Tai Chung is enough?

    1. My neighbour spent 3 days in Taichung before going to Taipei

    2. Any particular things U like best there?

      Can recommend?

      We aim to stay there for 3 to 5 days.

      This trip U DIY or go through some F&E tour package?

      i guess U must be DIY as U have visited Taiwan many times.

      Book air flight and hotel and what other things to look out for?

      By HSR takes how many hours to Taipeh or any interesting cities or places to visit.


    3. When I am back next week, I can send me my last trip to Taichung reference.

      For this trip to Cingjing round 2, we need to hire Minsu boss as driver-guide to Hehuansan NT 1400 and Aowanda NT2000

      If a party of four will be lower per head.

      Hard to travel in Cingjing to nearby other attractions by public bus. Frequency is two to three hours interval

  5. Uncle temperament

    From Taichung to Taipei if HSR is aroUnd 1 hour. Take HSR from xi wu ri station to Taipei main station.

    1. Thanks.

      My wife had travelled HSR in China.

      Me still Swa Koo leh.

    2. Seniors who are 65 and above has priority queue to travel via HSR to buy ticket. Very short or no queue.

  6. Uncle 8888

    How's the trip?

    Taichung noon weather no different from sg. I heard tainan was even hotter.

    1. Taoyuan weather was not hot.

      Cingjing was cold at night about 14 to 16%. No air-con provided in minsu at Cingjing!


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