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Thursday, 3 October 2019

How much you’ll need to retire?

Read? Time is your bff for retirement planning

How much you’ll need

A good rule of thumb is the replacement rate (or replacement ratio), which is calculated in this way:

Replacement rate = income after you retire / income before you retire

The recommended replacement rate varies from around 60 to 80%.

Hmm ....  

It looks like Uncle8888 has to deploy his war chest sooner to catch up with the recommended replacement rate towards the higher end. 


  1. CW,

    On guard for a poke OK?

    How much you need per month AFTER retirement you need a formula to tell you?

    You don't trust your own feet? Trust a ruler more to tell you what shoes would fit better?

    You already got 3 years of monthly expenses AFTER retirement tracked and pasted to powerpoint. What's the point of doing that if you can rely on this "theoratical" one-size-fits-all formula?


    P.S. I just know if AFTER retirement I want a wine, women, and song lifestyle, no money is ever enough. If I herbivore (not interested in sex), then I need a lot less... LOL!

  2. Trust but verify - SMOL

    Data points to verify theoretical formula by FAs Vs actual and measuring our own feet.

    What is the variance?


  3. Whatever formula is only formula.

    My real life experience is tend to spend more because of too much free time on hand.

    It means more leisure time.

    More leisure time means more short holidays.

    One needs to break routine of daily living if still have the means (aka $$$.)


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