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Sunday, 6 October 2019

Beating Year on Year Inflation - Earned Income or Investment Income???

Which one is easier?

Focus on your earned income or investment income?

Uncle8888's earned income after tax from 1985 to 2015.

His earned income has beaten the sea of inflation.


  1. Bro cw

    My thinking now is focus on work then get a stable income.
    Invest like a part time or standby to me now.
    Recently company not so good. Some hearsay that need to cut somemore people.
    Althought mine not kana, but heard maybe 5 years down the road will be my turn.
    So now have to work hard to get promo first then save more...

    1. Last week I also heard two folks from the same ex office bldg got retrenched. Businesses are cutting costs

    2. If everything being equal of course investment if done "correctly".

      If i haven't invested, most probably i have to keep on working lol.

  2. My bro company also cut people... abother bro company cut their salary... think really no good now...

    1. Sign of bad times may be sooner then expected.

      Few hours ago; heard another 2 folks from other group got cut!

  3. Then beg the Q. why is
    election coming soon?


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