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Monday, 27 May 2019

What Is Missing in 1M65 CPF Strategy???

Read? How I Accumulate $1M In CPF OA!

How come there is no seminar or talk on how to become better CPFIS investors?

Not even investment trainers?


Hmm .. 2.5% compounding interests is so hard to beat over few decades?

To top up CPF is easy. You just need spare cash!

To invest is not easy. You need more than just spare cash!


  1. Uncle 8888

    Invest or trade need skills or luck, either one, better if got both.

    1M65 strategy is get high high pay, then do either transfer oa to sa, top up vc, etc...

    1M65 speaker used to be high corporate lvl (SVP).

    Like uncle 8888 says, human assets and account size matters. :)

    1. Did he mention his annual income is near or more than seven digits?

  2. Ya lol,

    Average to low wage earner after 30 years of CPFIS NETT PLUS, PLUS, STILL OA has not reached $1,000,000.

    CW8888, U a above average to high earner?

    I think so.

    Not that It am complaining, God forbid.


  3. Yup, the missing or unspoken element is having at least above average salary.

    No need 7-figure income if you're talking about hitting 1M55 provided, you don't touch your CPF for housing or education or large medical or investing.

    1M55 is based on having average $55K annual income over 30 years. Many fresh grads already hit this level upon graduation!

    For the average population, it is easier (and greater chances) to focus on education/learning & earning more .... rather than trying to get more people to be good at investing. ;)

    Govts know this.

    It boils down to the basics ... getting the personal finance pyramid right.

    1. Alas, not everyone is blessed in academic talents.

      Even some that are blessed have mental health to grapple with.

      So "Boh Tat Cheks" have to try harder lol.

    2. Also i think snake-oil selling can hardly be taught, so is business-minded or investment-minded or academic talents or music or artistic bent.

      We are all make unique in our own ways.

      So if U don't have it in the first place, it is very difficult to learn from others or own experiences.


  4. Strike enbloc Toto also reach $1m within striking distance


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