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Saturday, 18 May 2019

如何賣股的問題 會買是徒弟,會賣是師父。 賣股永遠是最難的一課,是否有一個完美賣股ABC

Watch this video shared by Raymond Ng in FB? 如何賣股的問題 會買是徒弟,會賣是師父。 賣股永遠是最難的一課,是否有一個完美賣股ABC

Alamak! Uncle8888 is 徒弟!

Position sizing and money management is what it takes to be long term successful retail investors over past and future market cycles.

Uncle8888 agreed with the speaker. There is no 完美賣股ABC!

After 19 years across past market cycles; he has more data points to show it - position sizing and money management.

Position sizing must be relatively large enough according to our account size so that our multi-baggers has impact on our investment portfolio.


  1. Which is more painful?

    Missing potential gains or realizing losses?

    1. How about you are "in the money" when you buy?

      This type of deal does not happen very often and need a strong heart and guts to execute.

    2. Happens in a quite bullish market only, i think.

    3. But today sell tomorrow and repeat.

      Till get caught and capital got stuck too?

  2. Ha!Ha!

    Must answer that obvious question meh?

  3. Another way of putting it is buying or selling more important?

    Many people think must be selling?

    For me i think and think and think both are important but hmm...

  4. Yes, U are right.

    But there are people out there who after buying can wait 2 to 5 years, though painful to watch after buying.


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