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Sunday, 26 May 2019

Retiree inflation rate will be different. Likely to be lower than national average (2)

Read? Retiree inflation rate will be different. Likely to be lower than national average.

Most retirees are not affected by inflationary pressure coming coming from housing, children education, children expenses, and etc.

So don't overly scared by your FI using typical 5% inflationary rate. It is too scary!

Uncle8888 used 2.5% inflation rate for his retirement planning. 

Reasonable or not???

Hmm .. may be inflation will impact more on those who are spending at bare minimum i.e. no room to cut down expenses to cheaper alternatives.


  1. Hi Uncle8888,

    That's coz Singapore's inflation in the last 2 decades have been around 1.7% on average. The great result of globalisation and opening up of China's manufacturing & exports. And of course 2 big recessions due to misallocation of capital & credit excesses!

    Very different from inflation in the 70s, 80s, and 90s! LOL!

    For retirees, most are scared of healthcare costs & potential assisted living costs. However, apart from chronic conditions, most of this will occur in the last 5-10 years of a person's life.

    1. Just had a talk with one senior in her 80, she feels so blessed. At her age with no major illness. Everyday she passed her time by walking here and there and enjoy eating at different food stalls anywhere. The benefit of $60 unlimited monthly pass gives freedom to seniors who loves to walk far distance.

    2. Good health is truly wealth in retirement

  2. Uncle 8888

    I agree

    Just came upon an popular blog post on the 5% withdrawal rate. Not many can be detailed as him, most retail investors are yield driven. He may be that 20%.

    Uncle if you are the ant, that one could be an ant with wings man

  3. And usually, the rain will come soon.

    Good health of course enables U to use your money as judiciously as u want.

    Money not spend on doctors can even spend on anything U like or want.



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