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Thursday, 2 May 2019

The Art Of Becoming Millionaire From The Stock Market: The Do and Don't (2)

Read? The Art Of Becoming Millionaire From The Stock Market: The Do and Don't

The duet in your  investing mind?

Don't time the market?

Over long run in investing; it is all about market timing and then time in the market to recover your investing capital and then sit back, relax and enjoy your freehold stocks with decent yield on (zero) investment cost. Not passive income? Then what is passive income? But, passive income can only happen after X or XX years of active income timing the market and time in the market. No?

Keppel Corp, Sembcorp Ind and DBS all XD for FY 18 and time to tabulate accumulated dividends received.

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  1. Timing in the market may need to wait very long, but timing the stock may be shorter.

    Once capture the right timing on particular stock, get paid while waiting the stock to appreciate in value aka time in the market.

  2. One precaution or lookout-as long money in the market any thing can happen for better or worse.

    Most of the time if something drastic happens, it is usually too late to escape unscathed.

    Even when watching like an eagle in the sky may minimize the damage.

  3. Especially the famous Black Swan which is supposed to be unpredictable or undiscernable.

    It is still O. K. if the counter can survive and thrive in time to come.

    The question is do U have the time and means to leave it alone?

    1. Survive Black swan and huat and not chop fingers after black swan

    2. That's the way. Also my way. Alas age catching up but still never say die until really can not say die.

      Just a little bit more active in the market now.

      US market news is because many companies are using extra tax money to buy back shares, that is the market is still going strong.

      i tend to agree.

    3. I am very determined not to miss the next market cycle. The last one as limited years ahead. No more chance to regret.

  4. Of course! Of course!

    Already more than 10 years since Black Swan appears.

    i really don't know what is the market like when it comes because operating parameters are all looking different now.

    See what Trump is doing.....??? And Russia success in having a say in their(USA)election.

    Oil maybe less important, and the rate of TECH disruptions of industries and to economies WW, means.....????

    i think it is really a different world going forward.

    Nevertheless still can nibble like a mouse when breadcrumbs drop from table?

    And people predict China already the World No 2 economy will be No 1 in 2030 (aka no 3rd WW started by U know who this time)?

    NVM then, most probably i already go sell salted eggs.


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