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Friday, 17 May 2019

Do I Have To Worry About Investment Portfolio Volatility Over The Next Market Cycle???

His answer now is no!

Uncle8888 has different income streams from his three taps sustainable retirement income for life model.

He is NOT expected to sell any stocks in the next market low to raise capital to re-balance investment portfolio or to fund household expenses so he is not worry over market volatility.


  1. Ha!Ha!

    Now U can say it easily.

    When just starting, working class can hardly say leh.

    1. After Point X, we may not have to struggle with market volatility anymore. Let it be!

  2. Ya lol, don't have to "lock ,stock and barrel" investing anymore.

    Or if a 4 or 5 % ROI is able to sustain your wealth, why go for 8 to 10% risky investment?

    1. Buying at 4 to 5% yield during market or cyclic low is never the same as buying 8 to 10% yield near bull market. One has probability of higher yield moving forward while the other is the opposite.

    2. Depends on what yields- dividend or return on capital invested.

      It is better to always considered Total Yields.

      People say don't be a yield hog which i am always keeping an eye on myself.

      In fact for me I think of Capital yields down the road, then consider dividend yields sustainable or not.

      Actually which should be considered first?

      Dividend yield or Capital yield?

      Anyone for reits?

      It is quiet rare indeed a reit gives high Capital yield.

      But it is possible from IPO to 2 to 3 years.

      KNN, i sold my Keppel DC reit only about > 1+ year after IPO.

      But not my Fraser's Logistics IT. IPO.

      i sold them only about one or two weeks ago.

      This one i think I am going to buy again.


    3. 會賣是師父

      How many retail are 師父 to realize those large capital gains?


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