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Sunday, 3 March 2019

Planning For Taiwan Round 5 - 10D9N in Apr 2019

10D9N: Xiao Liu Qiu (2N), Kaohsiung (1N), Green Island (2N), Chiayi (1N), Alishan (2N) and Kaohsiung (1N)

After Auntie8888 has hinted that it is about time to go for vacation; over the next few days, he would be busy scanning the cyber for tips. Same like investing???

Next to book flight to Taiwan!

Probably, one more last trip i.e. Round 6 for Taiwan and bye bye to Taiwan!


  1. Enjoy.

    I prefer Taiwan to many other Asia countries too.

  2. Same like Penghu. Visiting Green Island is from Taiwanese song Green Island serenade. :-)

    Wife happy. Okay lor. Very rough ferry ride to green island. See can survive without seasick pills

  3. Thanks for the tip in case we go there - 外婆澎湖湾?

  4. Our honeymoon was Taiwan/Hong Kong trip.

    i could still remember Ali Shan & Hua Lien best

    At Ali Shan - watching beautiful Sun Rise was memorable.

    Hua Lien - Taroko Gorge.

    That was also the year Chiang Kai Shek died.

    We lost at least one or 2 days doing nothing in Taipei.

    All tourist's activities ceased and entertainment places closed.

    Tio Beh Pio, lol!

    And when we were in Hong Kong, one middle-age man was so eager to visit flesh pleasure entertainment area that he went out alone and got "KU KIANG".

    "KU KIANG" was very popular & familiar method of robbing a person to HK locals at that time.

    The people behind this were usually desparados, illegal immigrants from China.

    HK was still under the British.

    "KU KIANG" was a device wore on the wrist of the robber that could lock the neck of unsuspecting victim.

    Do i need to explain how dangerous the device is?

    That time onward, i always try to remember to walk along the open street rather along corridors.(the robber just lurking in room of corridors for U lol)

    Talking about all this reminds me how time flies.

    To me U still got a lot of time.

    So do the things U like best - as much U can.


  5. I am surprised if U can DIY visiting so many places in 10 days 9 nights.

    i mean logistically it is not easy.

    If 1 to 3 places is still manageable.

    I had tried it touring Perth, Margaret River and surroundings by DIY driving all the way.

    Also DIY GOLD COAST and Sunshine driving all the way from Brisbane.

    This was of course another of my travel DIY.!

    Those were the good old days.

    I think Margaret River is worth to visit for the underground caves.

  6. The caves of Vietnam Halong Bay can not compare.

    At Margaret River there are many underground caves. Some are too deep for old folks. But some not so deep are very beautiful sights too.
    Perhaps U have been there?
    If not I recommend.


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