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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

More Bloggers Are Promoting Or Endorsing!!!

Recently, Uncle8888 has been reading through some blog posts convincingly and then towards the end section then he realized that the true message sent is Reading is not enough. You have to attend courses to actually learn the right process of investing. It is hard to be DIY retail investors hor!

With such an ending; Uncle8888 has doubt on what he has read earlier. Real or not?

Funny is when they were shouting the message last time: I can. You can! 

No more arh?

You need mentors! *sigh*


  1. CW,

    Steady lah.

    Singapore is such a small pond. Our community lagi even smaller!

    Today I work with this financial educator. Say his technique good better best!

    Tomorrow I work with another financial educator and say his style bao jiak one!

    It won't be long readers who can think for themselves will figure out the spear and shield moment ;)


    You think why I say let's ask for a drink will do. We won't make money; but at least we won't get thirsty ;)

    Wait, I got 2 advertorials yet to write.

    I think people approach me because I am cheaper than Desker Road!

  2. Ha! Ha!

    Why people say, "Cheap things never good. Good things never cheap".

    1. Actually it is true. Charge $4,888 for the course. Those can afford to pay is ilkely to have bigger war chest. In investing; account size matters so Guru eliminate those with few shots game.

  3. CW,

    Read is definitely not enough. Read you must understand, to understand is not enough also because you must believe and be convicted. To be convicted is not enough also because then you must do! To do is not enough also because you must obtain good results from doing!

    Therefore it's a process and better to let the fruits do the talking, and not the words!


  4. Well put.

    The only thing is "Good Result" is not guaranteed.

    Whatever the result we can do nothing.

    We just have to learn to accept.

    On the other hand don't ever loose faith in your beliefs and principles.

    Shaken from time to time may be but don't ever loose your beliefs and principles.



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