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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Investment Portfolio Benchmarking Among The World's Well Known Investors - Updated on Warren Buffet for 2016

Read? Investment Portfolio Benchmarking Among The World's Well Known Investors - Updated on Warren Buffet for 2015

How to be like Warren Buffet?

Steady, Steady. Pom Pi Pi.

19.0% CAGR over 52 years!


  1. Do you realized that "Gurus" here can teach you beat Warren Buffet with their revised or improvised Method of Investing?

  2. temperament,

    The longer one stays in the market, the lower % of our CARG. (See? CARG is proper England. XIRR is Singlish)

    Peter Lynch got the wisdom to quit when he's ahead - like Liu Wen Zheng the singer. Forever immortalised ;)

    Warren Buffett's investment in percentages gets progressively "poorer and poorer" every decade; in dollar terms it gets bigger and bigger!!! So it depends whether you prefer to count in % or $ ;)


    The longer we stay in the market, the more likely we'll get hit with 1997, 2000, 2008 roller-coaster events.

    Any newbie retail starting their investment journey from 2009 till today will be sexier CARG figures than Warren Buffett!

    Especially if they "forget" to include cash in opportunity fund into their calculations ;)

    If newbies can beat Warren Buffett, of course "gurus" can shout, "See? If they can do it, so can you!"

  3. I'm really surprised to know that Temasek has performed so well during 1974-2016, 15%, unbelievable. May I know where is the source of this info?

    1. The source of Temasek Annual Report published in local newspaper. GLC were injected into Temasek portfolio e.g. early days of keppel, singtel etc

    2. temperament,

      Want to experience what's its like a society with low subsidies - live in Hong Kong.

      Want to have everything "free" paid by big daddy - live in Sweden.

      If I can pay my own way and stand on my own 2 feet, I would definitely prefer HK! Love that city. Very dynamic and exciting city!

      If I like "free" stuffs since others are paying for me, Sweden definitely!!!


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