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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Is Mr. STI Making Many Of Us Feeling Good??? (2)

Read? Is Mr. STI Making Many Of Us Feeling Good???


I agree and like your chart. But you had to include the word "daily" in the chart heading when its a multi-year chart ;)

In statistics, we filter out the "noise" by having moving averages :)

SMOL win liao!

Without "noise" by having 365 Trading days moving averages; what we can know about long-term performance over daily market volatility.


  1. XIRR can superimpose with moving average meh?

    Look so weird.

  2. CW,

    We make a good tag team :)

    And it shows your openness to feedback!

    Now if readers don't it, well, what can we say?

    Newbies get excited with STI touching 3100.

    Old birds like you and me become more cautious ;)

  3. The higher it goes, the more the potential energy.

    You can't escape the "Laws of Nature".

    In fact nothing can escape the "Laws of Nature".

    Atheist or not.

    To me nothing in this world doesn't subjects to the "Laws of Nature".

    Even in the World of Money.

    1. Hi Bros,

      Had been out from the market for awhile.
      Wow, STI had crossed 3000....

      Could it be the higher it goes, the harder it falls. Or higher and higher from power of Trump effect?

      I think is the former over long term and it can be ugly...

  4. If History doesn't repeats it will definitely rhymes.

    And if you are always in the market, how long or how many Bear/Bull roller coasters you can ride?

    Anyway, anyone worth his salt will last until he becomes too old to be interested anymore or becomes dementia.

    Hope not the last case.

  5. As facts shown, history always repeat itself because of mankind's behaviour.

    Patience and self-control two of the ingredients that you may be satisfy with long life in the presence of the true Spiritual mind! Therefore I am waiting just one 1 or 2 rides.


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