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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Planning For Retirement Early Voluntarily OR Locking Up For Retirement Way Ahead Of Our Times Under Incentives???

How many folks seriously know the difference?

Voluntarily Or Incentives

Same but different!

The difference is clearly when it is shared on paper and pen with illustrations!

Reading may be harder to visualize something that is decades away!


  1. From 50s onwards; we will see drastic change in our health and financial worries!

    1. Is it because of this advice?

      "No matter what spending strategy you choose, a huge market loss early in retirement will decimate your retirement finances. You should begin to reduce your stock allocation at about age 55 until about age 75 to something like 20% or 30%."

      Today my stock holdings is < 8% (estimated only).

      But it may shoot up to 30 to 40 % when i see a lot of "BEAR TRAPS".

      The only thing is how to neutralise the risks of the the traps.

    2. Ha! Ha!

      Don't pretend leh!

      It takes one to know one.

      Am i praising ourselves here?

      Better stop going further like they say, "Self Praise is Self Disgrace".

      You should have said, "You wily OLD fox"

      OLD can be GOLD not necessary a Derelict.

      HA! HA!

      When you reach my age, i think you will be "Double Wily Old Fox" lah.

  2. Is it becos at 50 onwards, your health will deteriorate and money will be crucial?

  3. It seems like the former is a more active approach but the later is more passive.

    1. Investors has to be more active while savers tend to be more passive. Got interests happy!


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