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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Where to find our fulfillment in life???

Less financial stress and worry - achieving financial independence?

Less worry over job security  - achieving financial independence?

Less stress and worry over job KPIs forced upon us by ambitious bosses - achieving financial independence?

In health ....  

In Spiritual .. 

In Relationship .. 

In Social ... 

In Hobbies ..

Most part of our adult life is directly related to financial and jobs; and soonest we can overcome them and minimize these stresses and worries; we will be better off with one or two things less to worry.


  1. CW,


    It was quite lonely for me 5 years ago when most financial bloggers where solely focusing on the financial independence part... Makes sense as most we still climbing the mountain.

    Now that we have more financial bloggers climbing down the mountain, we can see posts popping up engaging readers on philosophical, spiritual, and social topics :)

    Less on precision in 2 decimal places. More on the grey, grey, fuzzy, fuzzy stuffs of my realm :)

    Those who have used their financial independence to "escape" are now having 2nd thoughts...

    Financial independence is just "optionality" - nothing more, nothing less.

    How to find fulfilment in life?

    That is found in the "to achieve" part.

    Or why we get up in the morning ;)

    Imagine a religious person's fulfilment in life is to be financially independent? Doesn't make sense. Unless their shepherd is the prosperity gospel kind! Or?



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